Ways To Improve Security at Your Apartment Building

May 31, 2023
Ways To Improve Security at Your Apartment Building

As the peak apartment hunting season begins, property owners must prepare for an influx of vacant tenants and applications surging through. While you want to accept every application, it’s important to remember that you must ensure that every unit is safe. You should also try your hardest to ensure your entire complex is secure.

Create a safe, homey environment for your tenants by considering the following ways to improve security at your apartment building.

Install Security Systems in Each Unit

The best way to secure every unit and the entire complex is by installing security systems in each unit. This way, your tenants can use the security system at their discretion and feel safer knowing they have an alarm system. While installing an alarm system in every unit may cause a rent increase, your tenants will feel better knowing they live in a secure complex.

Replace Old Locks With More Secure Ones

Another way to improve security at your apartment building is to replace old locks with more secure ones. Keeping the same locks for years invites thieves to pick familiar ones. Installing deadbolts is a great choice since they’re more resistant to meddling and tampering.

However, consider adding smart locks or keypads that require a code for each unit for extra security. You can control these locks with a smartphone app, requiring tenants to change their code every few months.

Secure Your Lobby and the Amenities

Your tenants want to feel safe everywhere in their apartments, not just in their units. Knowing that the lobby and its additional amenities are secure will improve the satisfaction of your tenants—and boost your ratings! Keeping up the maintenance of your mailboxes to ensure that they’re tamper-free is also important when securing your lobby.

It would be best to consider upgrading your apartment’s gym and pool security to only allow those with keys through the door or gate. This will cut down on others using your facilities.

Add a Gate or Buzz-In Feature

A great way to keep malicious activity at a minimum is to add a front security gate or buzz-in feature to your building. Whether you own a larger or smaller complex, adding these features could reduce the chances of unwanted visitors peeping through. These additional security features would help security officers know who came in and out of the complex, which can be useful if something occurs.

In a perfect world, committing a crime wouldn’t cross the mind of others. However, it’s always best to be safe. Help create a safe community within your apartment complex by improving the security of your property.

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