What Do You Need To Rent A Property In Luxembourg?

October 25, 2022

In a place where Dukes and Duchesses rule, one may think of expensive properties to buy or rent. Luxembourg is one of Europe’s advanced economies. The cost of living here is quite a luxury.

So if you’re thinking of moving into the city or wanting to live solo by renting a house, then you need today’s info. Learn what you need to rent a property in Luxembourg.

A peek at the city’s attractions: What places to visit.

Aside from being a strong country, it has a lot of attractions to visit. The Notre Dame Cathedral, MUDAM, and Musee National d’Histoire museums will be seen here. Then you would also love to see the Casemates du Bock cave for a scenic adventure.

That made some tourists keep returning because of the beautiful castles you can find. And their amazing architectural landscapes are worth visiting.

Accommodations: Where do you need to stay

Given that Luxembourg is a place for travelers, you need to know where to look for where to stay. Rentals can be short-term or long-term, depending on your need.

Good thing that you can find flexible units for lease. Having a diversified option helps you adjust and be bound to a contract.

You need to have options for where you could stay. This would help you to budget and pay according to your means.

You will also be out of an obligation to pay months of advance and deposits. After you find a neat and convenient space to stay in?

Below are some things you must prepare as you plan to stay in Luxembourg.

What are the requirements to rent

Real estate property owners would ask a renter to show any proof of identification. They need your ID, income receipts, etc., to certify that you can indeed pay for your stay.

Before signing in, you must prepare a few basic documents, such as:

Proof of Identity

You need to show the owners of your valid identification cards. The ID must show your profile. Avoid presenting outdated IDs, for it may be suspicious for the owners.

It is best to make sure that it has an updated photo. Your contact number should be the one you are currently using and not something from a long ago.

IDs are also helpful to owners so they can have a person to contact in case of an emergency. Aside from ID, a passport would also be great.

Proof of Income

You can show them any proof of income using the last three payslips you receive. A bank statement or credit card will also be good.

But if you are a little hesitant to show them these figures. You can show them proof of your employment contract to assure them you got a well-paying job.

References from previous landlord or employer

Some may not ask you for a bank or credit statement, but one thing that would be helpful is a reference. You can show them a reference from the previous landlord. It will certify that you are a reliable renter with good moral conduct.

Agreement of rental

Next, you need to have a copy of the rental agreement. Do not hesitate to ask the owner about this. This will secure you that you have a place of your own. Also, you and the owner must agree to lease the property for you at a set time.

This would help renters avoid being evicted unlawfully.

Acces a real estate agent or a relocation agency

It is ideal to look for websites of real estate or relocation agencies when planning to move. The agency will assist you in finding a nice place to rent without any significant flaws. Doing so will prevent you from spending extra on repairs.

They can also provide you place to rent near schools or other amenities that fit your lifestyle.

Rental fee

You need to know and compare rental fees when looking for a flat or apartment. The rate will depend if the property is furnished, shared, or unfurnished.

Rental duration

Renting a place in Luxembourg would range from 2 to 3 years. But some owners offer a flexible lease time. It s good if you can find one with whom you can discuss it.

Agreement about pets

You must agree with the landlord if you have pets and want them to live inside the house. Some properties do not allow keeping pets inside the flat. This is due to reasons that a pet could damage the property.

Rights of a tenant

Renting a house in Luxembourg entitles a tenant to have insurance for risks. It would cover accidents from fire and certain natural disasters.

Responsibilites of both parties

Finally, you need to set your responsibilities. As a renter, you need to make sure to pay your dues. A tenant must pay the monthly rent and the utilities, such as the water and electricity bills.

Also, the occupant must care for the things on the property. You should consult with the owners before you change anything inside the unit.

It is crucial that you keep a respectful relationship with the owners. It would make you live in peace wherever you are.

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