What To Know Before Buying Diamond Cutting Blades

October 12, 2022
What To Know Before Buying Diamond Cutting Blades

Any contractor or construction site worker should know about diamond cutting blades. This unique type of saw blade can make cutting certain materials easier and more efficient. It’s necessary for completing a variety of masonry, asphalt, and other cutting jobs that traditional saw blades can’t handle. If you don’t already know the ins and outs of selecting these blades, familiarize yourself with this list of tips to know before buying diamond cutting blades.

Benefits of Using Diamond Blades

If you work with any type of masonry or stone as a contractor, you should upgrade to a diamond cutting blade. Using diamond blades over traditional saw blades results in cleaner cuts and more efficient cutting times. These blades are more effective at grinding the stone material, which leads to a cleaner, less jagged cut. And because diamond blades are specifically for stonework, they won’t wear down as quickly as other types of blades.

Diamond Blade Maintenance

Because diamond blades have unique designs, they also require unique care. Practice cleaning your blade between uses. Letting grit and dirt accumulate on the blade will cause unnecessary friction, which can wear down your saw sooner. If the diamond particles become coated with dirt and grit, they may not even cut properly. This is why you should clean your diamond blade regularly with the proper cleaning solution. Choose a cleaner that the manufacturer recommends to ensure that it won’t damage or loosen the diamond particles and their bond. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance will help your diamond blades last longer.

Types of Diamond Blades To Choose

There are several distinct types of diamond blade to choose from, each with unique applications and specialties. For example, you can get specific types of blades for cutting concrete and asphalt, depending on your working materials as a contractor. There are also different types of diamond blades with stronger or weaker bonds. Typically, you want to choose a soft bond when cutting harder, more abrasive materials and the opposite when cutting softer materials.

As you prepare your tool lineup for your next contracting job, remember these tips to know before buying your diamond cutting blades. Choosing the right blade and knowing how to maintain it will make all the difference for your contracting projects in the future.

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