Why It Is Never Too Late To Improve Decision Making Skills As A Leader

September 18, 2021

The pandemic affected businesses more than just how work is completed. It impacted how leaders lead their teams. A factor that is not necessarily a bad thing. During the past year, leaders were granted the opportunity to integrate some authentic leadership behaviours into their interactions with employees. This includes supporting them and ensuring that they were taking care of themselves during the unprecedented times we found ourselves in. For many businesses, this change helped to transform the workplace culture for the better.

Having strong leadership skills is key when working within an organisation. Equally as important is developing strong leadership skills. The more that you learn and develop your leadership skills, the higher your chances are of being a successful leader.

There are many aspects of being a successful leader. One of them is decision making. Making decisions is something that lies within the heart of both our personal and professional lives. Some decisions might be small, domestic choices, whilst others have a greater impact. Other decisions can have affected a person’s livelihood and well-being.

Naturally, mistakes will be made. However, the daunting reality that many leaders will face is having to make important decisions. Many of these decisions will be made with the best intentions using the best information. Despite this, they can be flawed.

For many, learning how to improve their decision making can feel like an unnecessary skill to learn. If they have been in the role for a considerable length of time, they feel as though it is too late to improve their decision-making skills. However, it is never too late to improve on skills. Instead, it could prove to be beneficial to them as a leader.

When improving your decision-making skills as a leader, you open yourself up to receiving the numerous benefits that come from being a strong leader. These are just some of the ways you can improve your skills as a leader, and the positive impact it can have.

Motivate Your Team

Understandably, leading employees is not easy. However, there has to be someone that needs to fulfil the role of leader. By stepping up to the challenge, you can work on motivating your team to do and be better in their work. One way to do this is through being efficient with providing positive feedback to your team. They will appreciate the positive response, as it will provide reassurance that they are doing a good job.

If you have any critiques, there is an appropriate time and way that these can be shared. It will help to not discourage those receiving the critique comments but help them to improve their performance. For instance, any critiques should be shared in performance meetings, where the individual will not be embarrassed about receiving such comments.

Your energy in the workplace should focus on letting team members know they are doing well, highlighting their individual strengths regularly. As a result, you will have a motivated team who want to perform their best and improve their skills.

Support Available

Countless individuals are currently in leadership roles. Many of them will be experiencing the same doubts and uncertainties as yourself. Whilst some might turn to online platforms, providing free information on ways to improve their leadership skills, others will take it a step further and invest in a course.

If you wanted to strengthen your ability to make key strategic decisions, then an MBA essentials course could prove beneficial. The knowledge and skills you will learn on an MBA course could help you to refine your skills, helping you to make better, more decisive decisions.

Fortunately, most courses are online, meaning that you can complete them in your own time, one which suits your schedule. There are various MBA online courses available, some of which provide an MBA essentials certificate following completion. Having an MBA essentials certificate can be useful when looking for other roles, especially ones in higher leadership positions. It shows potential employers that you possess a broad understanding of different factors, ones that can potentially influence strategies and the decision-making process.

Taking an MBA essentials course or any similar course will show you how you can use the skills you have learned to make well-informed decisions in the current climate.

Strengthen The Decision Process

Consider delegated decisions. Delegated decisions are far narrower in scope compared to bigger decisions. Often, delegated decisions are about the frequent, routine elements of day to day management. Placing the responsibility of delegated decisions to those who are closest to the work, who have a deeper understanding of how to improve areas within that specific part of the business, are more likely to deliver faster, better, and more efficiently executed outcomes. Additionally, they will also be able to enhance engagement and accountability.

Aside from boosting the efficiency of an area of the business, delegating decisions to employees will show a level of trust you have in them. It shows that you feel as though they are capable of completing the job to a high standard. In turn, they will feel valued as an employer and are more likely to increase their productivity levels because of it.

Inject New Experiences

When being in a leadership role for a considerable length of time, you may have settled in an approach and way of conducting business. If you look at new information and a different take on a project, you can improve your decision making instantly. Your new approach will mean that you have considered different potential outcomes and have made your decision on what would be the best for the business.

During any decision making meetings, consider seeking the second opinion of employees. Their fresh take on the decision, as well as how the decision could impact their work will allow you to see everything from a new perspective. One that you would not have been able to see on your own.

Becoming A Great Leader

Whether you have been in a leadership position for a month, a year or even a decade, there is no harm in learning how to improve your leadership skills and approach. Learning new skills and ways to approach obstacles, even if you have been in a leadership role for years, can help you to be a greater leader than before.

If you take a course or try a new approach, you will allow yourself to see problems or any obstacles to overcome from a new perspective. As such, you can approach the challenge from a new perspective and handle it in a different way than you would have done before.

Take each day one step at a time. Remain focused on all the aspects that you are doing right and learn from the mistakes you have made. With this combination, you can challenge yourself to become an even greater leader, one who can make well-informed decisions about how to move the business forward.

A strong leader not only displays their strengths but also shows their weaknesses. It shows employees that you are willing to learn, from both your mistakes and ways to improve. It also shows them that you are doing everything you can to be the best leader you can be. A quality they will likely find admirable and in-turn respect.

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