Why Should You Use an OV SSL Certificate on Your Website?

April 29, 2022

Your website plays a crucial role in your organization. It helps in building an online presence, and your users can contact you from anywhere. If you are running a business, you can sell your products and services to a large number of customers through your website. Even if you have a blog, it should be secured. Most users do not like to visit an unsecured website due to security reasons. Cyber criminals use programs to detect vulnerable websites and execute their plans. They can steal users’ data and misuse them. How to secure your blog or website? The best way is to use authenticate SSL cert like OV SSL Certificate as it carries thorough verification of a business and domain ownership. It confirms the identity of a business. It encrypts visitors’ data and secures your blog. However, there are other benefits of using an SSL certificate. Let us know about SSL certificates in detail and why you need them.


What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate is a digital certificate that ensures the website or blog is authentic. It creates an encrypted connection between the browser and your website. It assures the users that any information they put in will remain private, and no third party cannot decrypt the information. A website with an SSL certificate comes with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which assures the users that the website is secure.

Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Blog?

The security of your website or blog is paramount, and you cannot ignore it and to secure you need higher authentication certificate. As discussed above, An OV SSL certificate is an excellent way compared to domain validation type to secure your website or blog as it verifies domain ownership and business existence by checking business registration documents. However, there are other benefits to this digital certificate. Let us try to understand why you must get an SSL certificate for your blog or website.

It builds trust

Most users are concerned about cyber security these days, and they do not like to visit an unsecured website. Their concern is real as visiting a vulnerable website or blog exposes them to various cyber threats. You must have noticed that when you visit some websites, it shows a warning that the site is not secure. When a user sees this message, they fear cyber risks and do not proceed. If you run an e-commerce site or you have a blog, you must secure it. A website without an SSL certificate like OV SSL or EV SSL is not safe as it does not confirm if the organization exists. The blogs or websites with an OV SSL certificate display a padlock on the address bar of the users’ browser. It assures them the site is safe to submit their name, contact information, and other information.

Helps in SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO ranking is a crucial aspect of any blog. It helps in building the visibility and credibility of your brand. Google filters the websites based on content quality and website security. It will not rank a website that does not have an SSL certificate. Whether you are using the website for business or providing information, you want to reach the maximum number of people, and a better SEO ranking can help you with that. An organization validation SSL certificate plays a crucial role in making your website secure and getting a better ranking on Google and other search engines.

Encrypts Data

You may collect users’ data for various purposes. It may include their personal information and some sensitive data like credit card information or bank account details. That is why encryption of data is essential for your website. An SSL certificate is the best way to encrypt information entered by a user on your website. It encrypts data between the browser and server and thus prevents any miscreant from accessing it. Your users will feel safe when they provide any information on your website.

Security of Your Website

Securing your website is crucial to attracting more users. However, it is more critical for your business because an unsecured blog is exposed to cyber-attacks. The criminals may access critical data of your organization and customers. Imagine the criminals and the hassles you will face if something like this happens. It will not only damage your reputation but affect your business as well. However, you can prevent all these problems by using an SSL certificate. It will minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and make your website more secure.

How Do You Get an OV SSL Certificate?

An organization Validation SSL certificate boosts the security of your website and builds credibility. You need to buy an SSL certificate from a certificate authority (CA) or SSL provider. They are trusted third-party organizations that issue these certificates. You can apply for it by providing your and your organization’s details. First, you need to create the certificate signing certificate request (CSR) from the server and provide it to the SSL provider. Then complete the configuration process by submitting additional details. Once you complete configuration process, you need to confirm domain ownership via verifying email or file based method. Once domain ownership is confirmed, the SSL provider will ask for business registration documents for further verification. Once you submit these details, the issuing authorities will verify them. Once they are satisfied, they will issue you the certificate.

What are the Details Included in an OV SSL Certificate?

An OV SSL Certificate includes a lot of information about the organization and the issuing authority. The key details are:

  • The domain and subdomain name for which the certificate was issued
  • Name of the organization who applied for it
  • The certificate issuing authority and their digital signature
  • Issuing and expiration date of the certificate
  • The public key


An OV SSL certificate is essential for your blog to make it more credible. The padlock and HTTPS reassure the users that your blog is trustworthy, and you are who you claim to be. It helps in the encryption of data from the browser to your server. The visitors can enter their personal details without any fear. This digital certificate helps your blog to get a better ranking on search engines and reach more people. Moreover, an organization validation SSL certificate boosts the security of your blog as it reduces the risks of cyber-attacks.

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