Why You Should Pre-Wash Your Industrial Equipment

January 18, 2023
Why You Should Pre-Wash Your Industrial Equipment

Washing industrial equipment is nobody’s favorite job. Historically, it’s been a highly inefficient process that takes up precious time and energy. We’re here to argue that you shouldn’t skip one early step in the process: pre-washing. Learn why you should always pre-wash your industrial equipment.

Remove Tougher Stains

Some kinds of dirt only come off after multiple passes through the cleaning process. If you skip the pre-washing step, you’re essentially making things harder on yourself. Pre-washing helps loosen dirt so that it comes off during later stages of the cleaning process.

Focus Your Cleaning Power

When you pre-wash your equipment, you’re just getting rid of all the loose debris and dirt that isn’t stuck to the machinery. By getting rid of this debris first, you can focus your attention on the spots that need it most. That’s why pre-washing is always on the list of essential cleaning guidelines for conveyor belt systems and other machines.

Gauge How Much Effort You’ll Need

Some stains take more time to remove. When you pre-wash your equipment, you’ll be able to tell how bad the situation is. For example, you may be cleaning equipment without knowing how long its been since the last cleaning. A pre-wash can help tell you which cleaners to use next and how long the process may take.

Avoid Re-Applying Dirt

One reason to pre-wash your industrial equipment is to avoid re-applying dirt (as opposed to removing it). When you’re washing extremely dirty equipment, keeping your tools clean is a constant struggle. Pre-washing allows you to remove some of the initial layers of dirt so that you don’t end up spreading it around during subsequent steps in the process.

How To Pre-Wash Equipment

There are special machines designed to pre-wash industrial equipment. However, if you’re not dealing with highly sensitive machinery, you can always use a water hose with a sprayer attachment. Make sure to wash the equipment in a place that will drain easily. Don’t forget to mop up afterward.

Pre-washing your equipment may take time, but it can actually keep you from wasting time in later steps. It will also prevent you from needing to redo the entire process.

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