Your Guide To Finding The Best Wholesale Supplier For You

January 11, 2023

Finding a reliable wholesale supplier is critical to running a successful and profitable retail business. A great supplier can be your partner in making your business operations much easier and more profitable.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to help you find the best wholesale supplier regardless of your niche.

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Places To Look for Wholesale Suppliers for Your Business

The best wholesale supplier varies depending on the kind of product you want to sell and the business structure you prefer.

Here are some of the most common places to check for every business type:

Check With the Manufacturer

If you know what products to sell, you can check with manufacturers for their list of wholesale distributors. This will give you a selection of reliable entities that likely also carry similar products from other manufacturers. You can contact them directly and inquire about a potential partnership.

Learn About Your Distribution Channel

You must also study the distribution channels in your niche to understand how best to source products. You can find the best-suited suppliers that are an easy fit for your business.

Check B2B Marketplaces

Online B2B marketplaces such as Go Wholesale can be helpful because they provide an organized directory of wholesale suppliers.

Their listings include vetted suppliers by location, market, product niche, and other filters.

Perform Internet Searches

The internet is an excellent resource for finding local, domestic, or international suppliers, especially those in niche markets. Use the right keyword phrases to narrow down your results and find suppliers you can partner with.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are great events to meet suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers in person. Find the schedules for future trade shows relevant to your chosen niche and navigate the exhibits and booths.

Online Forums

Online forums are another great resource. You can find client reviews or supplier contacts that can help you in many ways.

Local Associations

Your local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place to inquire about suppliers for your niche. If you can’t find a supplier, you can at least get in touch with another retailer who might.

You’re also assured of gaining some authentic reviews from the network.

Factors That Will Help You Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers

Here are some of the factors to help you identify reliable suppliers for your wholesale business:

Business Experience and Expertise

The first step involves making sure they are a legitimate business. You can confirm their address or contact them directly and inquire about their current client base and offered services.

Choose suppliers with several years of experience in your chosen niche so they will provide you with all you need.


If you can visit your potential supplier’s warehouse, it may help to see if they are highly organized. A cluttered warehouse might mean poor-quality products, delayed deliveries, and inefficient operations.

Shipping Process and Terms

Shipping processes and terms are crucial because they directly influence the quality of services you provide your customers.

Some of the few must-check factors include:

  • If they provide ready-to-ship inventory
  • Their lead times
  • If they provide a quick turnaround

These details will help you plan your reordering frequency to meet customer expectations.

A supplier that can handle a quick turnaround is just what you need when your product sells out unexpectedly, and you need a shipment as soon as possible.

Reasonable Prices and Authentic Deals

You should steer clear of suppliers offering stocks for unbelievably low prices. It is typically a sign of poor-quality products or, worse, knockoffs.

Inventory Catalogs

A reliable wholesaler will always provide you with catalogs containing various products for different pricing options.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Cost Per Unit (CPU)

Learn all you can about the supplier’s requirements for MOQs and CPUs. The supplier may offer discounts on certain order quantities—see whether you can meet that quantity to get the most bang for your buck.

Check the numbers and see if your business benefits by partnering with the supplier. You can also negotiate your contract terms if needed.

Sample Products or Trial Period

No retailer wants to get stuck with a truckload of goods they can’t sell. This is why you must ask wholesale suppliers for product samples to confirm their quality before placing a large order.

This way, you can check whether the supplier can fulfill its promises regarding timely delivery and responsive customer service.

Your supplier may provide a trial period of up to 10 days or allow you to sample some products. A wholesale supplier that doesn’t offer either option for potential retailers may not be reliable.

Reviews and Testimonials

Consider good and bad client reviews to understand the recurring issues or benefits of working with a certain wholesale supplier.

You can look up reviews on Google business listings or testimonials on the supplier’s website.

Dedicated Sales Representative

A dedicated sales rep working with you to resolve any issues can make a huge difference in your operations. It also prevents miscommunication and confusion because you’ll coordinate with just one person.

Direct Selling

Wholesale suppliers that also run retail stores or drop shipping businesses are competing for your business. You share a target audience, so it’s best not to partner with them.

Liability Insurance

The best way to check if a wholesale supplier is reliable is if they provide liability insurance. It is much-needed protection if a customer is injured due to faulty or damaged products sold.

Contract Terms

Studying the contract terms is essential to see if the supplier has fair policies.

Here are some of the terms you should clarify before signing:

  • Return policy
  • Late shipments
  • Damaged goods
  • Pricing options
  • Payment methods

If you find inconsistencies in the contract, bring it up with the supplier. A good business partner will be flexible and consider adjusting the terms if feasible.

In Summary

Finding the best wholesale supplier for your business can put you one step ahead of the competition.

Use this guide to find a dependable wholesale supplier that will help you meet your customer’s expectations when you finally open your store. Best of luck!

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