5 Steps To Protect Your Mac From Keyloggers

May 8, 2023

Keyloggers are small apps that usually run in the background and will record everything you type on the keyboard. The main problem with keyloggers is that many maleficent people like hackers. Of course, keyloggers can also be used by someone that wants to see everything you type on the computer. They are a privacy concern, so it’s imperative to protect your Mac from keyloggers as much as possible.

Use Mac cleanup software

Cleanup software will automatically identify keyloggers and any other type of malware. Once identified, unwanted software will be removed as quickly as possible. That’s very helpful because not only will it allow you to save time, but it also removes every unwanted piece of software. Malware can be very sneaky, and that’s always the case with keyloggers.

Addressing these problems and removing any nasty piece of software that causes harm to your device is a crucial aspect to focus on. Thankfully, cleanup software is efficient, and it can help save a significant amount of time. Plus, your data will be safe, and no one will see what you type on your device’s keyboard.

Avoid clicking on random email attachments

Yes, not clicking on any random email attachment or ad will always help. The way most keyloggers end up on your computer is via emails. That’s why you want to avoid URL attachments, pop-ups and things from people you don’t know. Check the email address sending you those emails; if you don’t know them, just don’t click it. You can also use Virus Total to check the attachment before opening it.

Use antivirus software

Installing antivirus software if you’re always online makes a lot of sense. Yes, some antivirus programs will have false positives, but they generally quickly identify and remove keyloggers, which is a major plus.

Start using alternate keyboards

A good way to circumvent keylogger tracking is via using an on-screen keyboard. These on-screen keyboards require you to click rather than type. This means a keylogger won’t have the opportunity to track any of your passwords or important information.

Start using two-factor authentication

The main idea behind 2FA is that it adds yet another security layer. Even if someone knows your password, when they enter it, websites will send a code to the phone you linked to them. That’s great because you will know whenever someone is accessing your device, you will know about it. You can never have too much anti-keylogger protection, so this is a crucial step to focus on.


All these 5 tips are handy if you want to prevent any keylogger from accessing your information. Thankfully, all of them are very easy to implement, and you won’t have to worry about anyone else seeing everything you type. It’s a scary prospect to deal with these problems, but if you start tackling keyloggers early on, you won’t have to endure any security issues or data loss. We highly recommend using these tips to help prevent any keylogger issues!

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