Ace your Marketing with 150birds

December 20, 2020
Ace your Marketing with 150birds

How 150birds Creates Holistic Marketing Packages for Businesses

When it comes to hiring a marketing team, many factors come into play. Where does it even start? What kind of foundation does it begin with? What services and features should it focus on? This quick guide explains how 150birds applies a formulaic approach to build a personalized marketing plan and curate a tailored team specific to the needs of each client at various stages of their brand’s lifecycle.

150birds helps clients build their own marketing package starting with, Building a Foundation, Making Your Website Easy to Find and Use, and Growing Your Business. A strategist at 150birds will walk clients through recommendations and suggestions based on the client’s unique needs. 150birds marketing teams take into account both business type and industry, as well as what’s worked for others in similar situations. 150birds provides a holistic strategy, building short-term and long-term plans for clients from the 20+ services they offer. Holistic marketing is a marketing strategy that considers the whole of a business, and all of the different marketing channels as a system. 150birds marketing teams work together efficiently to help clients achieve their marketing goals.

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150birds’ marketing services are broken down into 4 categories. On the 150birds website, potential clients click one of the “Get a Free Proposal” buttons, which takes them to the platform sign up page. From there, they will sign up for an account and answer a few questions. Once they have signed up they will be redirected to the services page. Here they will see all the services and features that are available for building their custom, holistic marketing plan.

Build a Foundation

Once clients have been redirected to the services page, they can add the services they need for their marketing plan. Some services become unlocked when others are selected to ensure clients don’t pick services that will not help them without some prerequisite services. When clients begin to build their marketing package, they have the option to phone a specialist to help them through this process. If they feel that they’re comfortable enough to go through this process without phoning a specialist, the next step is to build a foundation. A typical foundation for a marketing plan consists of Market Research, Visual Branding, and Website Creation.

Market research works as an understanding of the competitive advantage the company has. Market research encompasses qualitative techniques such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, as well as quantitative techniques such as customer surveys, and analysis of secondary data. Visual branding includes the colors, brand, photography, typography, and logo. The brand identity or brand design is what customers see and feel from a company. Companies want customers to have the ability to correctly recall a brand from memory when searching for a product or service.

Make your Website Easy to Find and Use

The next step for clients is to choose the services and features they would like to include to make their website easy to find and use. For small business owners and startups, 150birds suggests the same services. These options include; Website Optimization, Landing Page, SEO Strategy, Website Maintenance, and/or an Explainer Video. Clients can choose as many options as they need to to create the most optimal website for their business.

Website optimization encompasses all the technical and marketing techniques used to acquire traffic, engage visitors, and convert them into prospects or buyers. A client’s team will create the text and design for the website’s landing page. The landing page is a standalone web page, specifically designed for a marketing or advertising campaign. 150birds uses on-page SEO to optimize the content that’s on the page to help boost the website’s search ranking with specific keywords—meaning it will show up higher on the list when someone does a Google search.

Here, the marketing plan diverges into 2 sections, depending on whether a client’s business is a B2B, business to business, or a B2C, business to consumer. Clients can browse our list of services, and talk to a specialist when they’re ready to build their custom package. Our services are categorized to help potential clients understand where to begin.

Grow Your Business and Reach More Customers for B2C, Business to Consumer

After they have decided on how to make their website easy to find and use, the next step is to grow their business and reach more customers. Clients’ options include; Directory Listings, Reputation Management, Blog articles, Forums and Groups, Email Marketing, Search Advertising, Media Outreach (PR), Podcasts, Social Media Audit, Social Media Management, and/or Social Media Advertising for their marketing package.

The first option available for this section is submitting client websites to directory listings to gain more discoverability for their brand. 150birds also offers reputation management, which is evaluating current assets, the sentiment of people talking about the brand, and keywords specific to the brand to help find and solicit reviews from past and current clients, and monitor false reviews.

Blogging and posting podcasts about relevant content is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to websites and increase sales of products/services. With the help of SEO strategies like keywords, titles, meta descriptions, and more, blog posts and podcasts become a powerful tool for gaining visibility for a client’s brand. 150birds utilizes these SEO strategies to write several blog posts per month. Promoting blog posts and podcasts across social media platforms will help content reach a larger audience and increase website traffic.

150birds uses forums and groups to aid in growing businesses loyal customer communities using things like Facebook and Reddit groups. Many customers turn to online forums and groups to discuss their opinions about a company or their products. Having a presence in online communities can be very informative and an excellent way to engage directly with customers.

150birds also provides the choice of including email marketing into a client’s marketing package. This would include embedding sign-up forms into their website that will make it easier for site visitors to subscribe to their newsletter. Email marketing allows clients to connect their marketing channels for a cohesive and fluid customer experience.

Clients have the option of adding a social media audit to their plan, which is the process of reviewing a business’s social media metrics to assess growth, opportunities, and what they can do to improve their social presence across all social media platforms. A social media audit goes hand in hand with social media management. The social media manager on a client’s team will administer the creation and promotion of relevant, original, and high-quality content across all social platforms.

Grow your Business and Increase Sales for B2B, Business to Business

This section of building a marketing package is similar for B2B and B2C, but they do have their differences. The services that 150birds recommends for B2B companies are: Search Advertising, Social Media Audit, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Influencer, Social Listening, Blog Articles, Newsletter, Email Marketing, and Media Outreach.

Some of the services that 150birds recommends to B2B but not B2C are Social Listening, Social Media Influencers, and Newsletters. Social listening is the process of monitoring social media channels for mentions of a brand, competitors, products, and more. Partnering with social media influencers specifically on blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even on LinkedIn can help clients target ideal customers and earn customer trust. Companies work with social media influencers to improve brand recall and brand recognition. Newsletters are engaging email campaigns sent out to customers. The content is personalized and targeted with trending topics in the industry. Using newsletters is a good way to include a call to action.

With the help of 150birds, a combination of strategy and execution ensure that clients reach their revenue targets. We are here for all of your marketing needs, whether it be launching your website or growing your business. We hope this article helps you in your marketing efforts. Feel free to contact us when creating your marketing plan, and a specialist will walk you through the process. For more information, contact [email protected] or check out our website here!

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