What to Consider When Choosing Jewelry

May 10, 2024

Jewelry comes in different styles, sizes, shapes and materials. It reflects your style, and your individuality, and can hold your emotional value.

Choosing the right piece involves considering your style, quality of materials, your budget, shapes and sizes, and your allergies. Also, get a piece that matches with the occasion you are attending and the message you want to communicate. 

This guide will offer secrets to help you buy the perfect jewelry to fit your style. 

Your Style

Know your style before you buy your pieces of jewelry. Choose a piece from labgrown.com that reflects your unique personality and tastes. Consider the types of accessories, clothing, and aesthetics you have. Do you like timeless, classic, trendsetting, or contemporary designs?

In case you prefer laid-back outfits like white T-shirts and denim jeans get simple necklaces with thin pendants and chains. However, go for hoop earrings, chic metal bangles, or diamond stands if you’re looking for a boss lady.

Shape and Size

The size and shape of the jewelry impact your impression and appearance. Small and delicate jewelry are suitable for minimalist style while larger ones are excellent for extravagant style.

Also, know your body shape and type of your face when making your choices. Ensure you combine various types of jewelry to portray your personality.

You can layer different necklaces and chains to prove your creativity. Moreover, understand the value you would love and make your choice accordingly.

Quality of Material

The quality of the material establishes the properties and durability of the jewelry. Silver and gold for example are treasured materials and last longer.

Look for something that you will use for many years by getting top-notch materials. A piece of affordable fashion jewelry can serve you for a certain period and then replace them more often. 

Purchase a durable jewelry if you want a piece to wear daily. Always evaluate the color, and the gem’s cut clarity weight when buying gemstone jewelry to get the best aesthetics and value.


Check your allergies when choosing the material for your jewelry. Avoid materials made of metal if you are allergic to this material. 

Sometimes precious metals like gold and silver are combined with other non-natural materials that could cause allergies. So, understand the type of admixture used in the precious metal before purchasing your jewelry. Get a hypoallergenic material if you have sensitive skin. 

Your Budget

Set a reasonable budget before you buy your jewelry. Understanding the amount you are willing to spend will help you in narrowing your options and avoid impulse buying. 

Evaluate your financial situation and know the amount that you can afford to spend. Always stick to your budget and explore the options within your range. 

Reputation of the Brand

Assess the certification and authenticity of the brand you want to buy the jewelry from. This will ensure you get high-quality pieces for your needs.

Moreover, check for stamps and hallmarks that show the labgrown.com metal’s quality and purity. These marks offer assurance that your jewelry meets the required quality standards.

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