Calgary’s Innovative Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry

February 7, 2024

Our focus on this segment of Startup Pill is on companies that have embraced 3D Printing technology, with new startups in Calgary, Canada, who started operation in 2020 or more recent. Utilizing the innovative technology of 3D printing across multiple sectors, these firms are positively impacting industries such as Information Technology, Software, Manufacturing, and even Jewelry making. The unique intersection between this modern technology and age-old industries creates fresh and intriguing business opportunities.

These startups offer innovative solutions and break traditional business molds, and using 3D printing techniques to do so. The industries where 3D printing is being applied are numerous and varied, including the energy sector, manufacturing, jewelry making, real estate, and more. These companies are a testament to the unending possibilities of innovative technology.

In this article, we will have a peek into eleven Calgary-based startups that have carved a niche for themselves in this field. All these businesses leverage 3D printing to offer novel products and services to their clients.

Exergy Solutions

Exergy Solutions are agile engineering consultants specializing in 3D printing, CNC machining, and augmented or virtual reality technology. With a creative team proficient in leveraging disruptive technologies and managing agile projects, Exergy aims to leave a mark in the 3D Printing and IT industry.

Fluid Energy Group

Clarifying their position in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing sector is the Fluid Energy Group. Having positioned themselves as Industrial Chemical Suppliers and a manufacturing company, they provide synthetic acids and non-hazardous chemicals.

Davidson Jewels

On crossing the line of traditional jewelry making and 3D printing, Davidson Jewels stands out. Based in the heart of Calgary, they are creators and designers of custom platinum, 18k gold, and gemstone jewelry, utilizing CAD, 3D printing, and casting.

Platinum Energy Services Corp

Platinum Energy Services Corp carved out a position for themselves in an array of industries, including 3D printing, Energy, Manufacturing, and Real Estate. The company is known for their quality servicing in manufacturing and supplying of oilfields equipment.

Carbon Graphics Group

The Carbon Graphics Group uses 3D printing in a unique and creative space- Graphic Design, and Document Management.


ECHO-3D carved out a specialty of itself in the niche area of 3D Imaging technology. Their patented NDT technology facilitates fast track detection, crack depth measurement, and 3D crack mapping with depth analysis.

Replicate Designs

Replicate Designs uses 3D printing technology to create high-quality representations that visually engage people beyond what traditional blueprints, sketches or interpretations can accomplish.

3D Hippy

The inventive platform of 3D Hippy offers a marketplace for buying and selling ready-to-print files for your 3D printer.


Maker6, founded by MacKenzie Brown specializes in 3D Content capturing, fixing, and 3D Printing.

Apache Print Solutions

Apache Print Solutions offers quality commercial, Graphic Design, and 3D printing solutions.

Emerson Clarke Printing

Finally, Emerson Clarke Printing sets the bar high in 3D printing, digital media, and printing, specializing in short run printing projects.

In conclusion, Calgary, Alberta has a thriving 3D Printing industry that promises massive potential for growth and development. The startups highlighted in this article are part of a broader community of innovative businesses positively disrupting their respective industries.

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