Revolutionizing India: New Delhi’s Innovative 3D Printing Startup Scene

February 7, 2024

In the world of technological innovation, 3D printing is revolutionizing various sectors from health care to architecture, fashion to food, and even the arts. Among the Indian cities at the forefront of this revolution is New Delhi, where a number of new startups have been making their mark since 2020. This article will highlight nine such startups, each harnessing the potential of 3D shaping technology in unique ways.

3D printing is not just about transforming the manufacturing process but is also reinventing the entire value chain, opening up opportunities for innovation, customization, and efficiency. Furthermore, the meet-up of the 3D printing world and the startup ecosystem is especially promising as it offers solutions to real-world problems beyond just creating prototype models. Let’s have a look at the nine startups onboard this wave in New Delhi.

From custom orthotics to exhibition stands and luxurious jewelry pieces, these startups are applying the versatility of 3D printing to different use cases, each in their own way contributing to the understanding, development, and propagation of this technology in India, and beyond.


Founded by Jatin Sharma, Jiten Saini, Nitin Gandhi, and Saurabh Rustagi, Shapecrunch is a healthcare tech startup providing 3D printed Custom orthotics Insoles for flat feet, plantar fasciitis, diabetes from foot photos using the combined potential of Computer Vision & machine learning. Their mobile app requires just three foot photos to develop a 3D model which is then 3D printed, eliminating the need for a scanner and lowering costs. Future applications of their technology could include prosthetics and custom footwear. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Novabeans Prototyping Labs

Novabeans Prototyping Labs, founded by Gaurav Loyalka, works in the field of 3D printing and electronics. Their exact services are yet to be revealed but promises to contribute to the 3D printing ecosystem in India. Check their pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates.

Chronical Specials

Chronical Specials focuses on creating unique and memorable exhibition stalls using 3D technology. The startup is known for its attention to detail which is ultimately reflected in the final output. They are available as exhibition stall designers in India, USA, Asia, and the Middle East. Keep up with their work on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Shubham Garg, AutoAbode is another New Delhi-based startup operating in the 3D printing, Internet of Things, and Manufacturing industries. More details about the company’s specific operations and product offerings will be revealed in future updates. Monitor their progress on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bharti Flex Board

Established by Bill de Blasio, Bharti Flex Board offers a wide range of customizable printing services. Their team of experienced professionals support clients through various printing projects, providing services as varied as screen printing, digital printing, 3D printing, and digital customized printing. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

Pranay Impex

Pravin Khandelwal established Pranay Impex to tackle 3D printing opportunities within the Clean Energy, CleanTech, and Manufacturing sectors. Further information about the company’s specific services and product lineup is to be revealed soon. For now, stay informed about their activities on Twitter and Facebook.

EPR Authorisation Company

EPR Authorisation Company targets the electronics and manufacturing sectors with 3D printing solutions focused on promoting environmentally sound management of e-waste. Their service suite involves setting up collection centres and arranging for dismantling or recycling of the e-waste.

Capfin India

Capfin India operates in the Banking, Finance, and Financial Services sectors, introducing 3D printing technology to these industries. More details about their unique offerings and how they intend to leverage this technology are to be announced shortly.

Nitin Hydraulics

Nitin Hydraulics manufactures a range of wall tiles using 3D printing technology, offering a line of uniquely designed tiles to a broad market spectrum. Details about the company’s full product portfolio, infrastructure, quality assurances and team can be viewed on their website.

Web Crayons

Web Crayons leverages 3D printing technology in their work in the Media and Entertainment and Web Design sectors. Check their Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute updates about their operations and services.

Amogh Jewels

Amogh Jewels brings 3D printing to the world of luxury jewelry. Offering a range of gemstone jewelry, rudraksha beads, shivlings, and more, the use of 3D printing allows them to create original and distinctive pieces with precision. Keep up with their latest designs through Twitter and Facebook.

While precise in their niches, these nine startups are collectively contributing to the broader vision of elevating India’s place on the global 3D printing stage. With their innovative approaches and focused expertise, they are undoubtedly key players in trailblazing the path to the future of 3D technology in India.

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