Current: A Game-Changer for Collaborative Workflows and Unified Communication!

June 21, 2023

Introducing Current

Here comes an exciting revolution in collaborative work! Current, an innovative product launched by Scott Savarie and his formidable team, has finally come out of private beta and is ready to transform how your team operates.

Having first burst onto the scene in January 2022, Current is now ready to rewire productivity in teams across a spectrum of industries and roles, from designers, engineers, and PMs to sales, support, and leadership. With its launch on Product Hunt, Current has opened a new chapter in collective work management, bringing a whole new level of visibility and alignment to your team’s operations.

The Current Edge: A Solution for Every Problem

One of the significant pain points that Current addresses is the issue of duplicate efforts, where different teams may unknowingly work on similar problems, squandering resources and bypassing collaboration opportunities. Current addresses this by providing a unified platform where updates from various tools and team members can be easily shared and viewed.

But Current doesn’t stop there! It provides comprehensive solutions for several other challenges:

  • Lack of Work Visibility for Leadership: Current ensures leadership and management always have a clear view of the team’s progress, eliminating the need for laborious report creation.
  • Limited Insight for Other Roles: By providing a bird’s-eye view of product evolution, Current allows departments like sales and support to enhance their customer interactions with insights into the product’s ongoing development.

The Power of Current: Streamlining Work Processes

Current’s power lies in its simplicity and depth of integration. It offers a unified feed that collates updates from an impressive variety of tools such as Figma, Loom, Notion, Miro, Mural, Google Drive, Github, Codepen, Codesandbox, Protopie, Rive, and Spline.

This range of integration allows users to post updates directly from tools like Figma or Figjam using a plugin, or automatically upload updates to Current when pull requests in Github are merged. The posts are categorized into specific work-streams, making it easy to follow high priority feeds without getting lost in a sea of links and files.

Enhancing Communication with Slack Integration

One of the standout features of Current is its Slack integration. It allows you to broadcast posts to various channels, set up reminders to facilitate sharing updates, and get notifications for important activity on Current. The team is also planning to extend this support to Teams and other chat tools soon.

Making Reporting Seamless with AI-Powered Weekly Summaries

Current takes weekly reporting to a new level with its AI-powered summaries. It generates summaries from the posts shared throughout the week, saving you time on creating lengthy update emails. Plus, everyone gets automatically notified when the new weekly summary is ready, keeping the entire team aligned and informed.

Final Words: Current — Powering The Future of Work

The Current team is extremely thrilled to unveil their product on Product Hunt and for good reason. They have created a tool that answers the most critical pain points of collaborative work, offers a free product until 2024, and provides an efficient platform that fosters an open and collaborative culture.

Current is here to transform the future of work — one team at a time. Don’t just take our word for it. Give it a spin and experience the revolutionary power of Current. After all, in this era of high-output teams and swift workflows, who wouldn’t want an assistant like Current!?

In conclusion, Current has arrived to change how we work together, making it more efficient, more collaborative, and more visible. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting revolution in productivity and collaboration. Visit Current now and step into the future of work!

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