gitStream: A Revolutionary Streamliner for the Code-Review Process

June 21, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Automation in Code-Review

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to gitStream, a dynamic tool designed to automate your code-review process, ultimately cutting cycle time by an astonishing 60%. It classifies, routes, and tags your pull requests based on the content of the code, streamlining the entire process and ensuring that each request receives the attention it deserves.

Breaking Down the Barriers in Code Review

Modern programming teams face an all too common problem: pull requests often become a top bottleneck in the development process. Through rigorous analysis of thousands of development teams and millions of branches, we’ve identified four root causes:

  1. The lack of a formal process for assigning pull requests
  2. Absence of standardized guidelines for PR size
  3. Equal treatment of all PRs regardless of their risk levels
  4. Lack of visibility into PR context and estimated review time

With gitStream, you can finally break free from these roadblocks and supercharge your development process.

How gitStream Changes the Game

gitStream does not merely identify and highlight these issues, it provides a solution. It allows engineers to auto-assign expert reviewers, add estimated time-to-review tags to pull requests, segment pull requests by risk, and automatically flag security risks for additional scrutiny. The option of auto-approving low-risk PRs is an added advantage.

A Tool for All – Easy Installation and Usage

gitStream is user-friendly and easy to integrate into your existing workflow. It can be installed as an app on either GitHub or GitLab within two minutes. Once installed, you can add your rules by editing the .cm file, providing a flexible and customizable framework to meet your specific needs.

Your Code is Secure

Like other CI/CD automation tools, gitStream scans the source within the repo and does not share it with external services. Only metadata affecting the workflow is shared to allow rule-based automation, ensuring the security of your code at all times.

More than Just a CI Tool

gitStream is not a mere CI tool like GitHub Actions. It is a solution designed to significantly reduce the amount of time spent waiting on code reviews. Additionally, gitStream can selectively trigger GitHub Actions based on the contents of the PR.

Expanding Possibilities with Integrations

gitStream currently integrates with a variety of tools such as SonarCloud, Jit, Jira, and plans to expand this list substantially over the next few months. This means that gitStream will continue to evolve, further enhancing its value and adaptability.

Example Rules Library and Automation

With gitStream, you can automate requests for changes to deprecated components. An example rules library is provided to aid you in setting up your customized rules and automation.

The Future of Code Review

With gitStream, programming teams have the power to revolutionize their code-review process. It is an innovative tool that addresses critical bottlenecks in the workflow and sets a new standard for code review automation. Don’t let inefficient processes hold you back – try gitStream today and experience the future of code review.

gitStream is a free tool launched under the categories of Software Engineering, Developer Tools, and GitHub by gitStream. Learn more about gitStream and how it can transform your workflow by visiting their website and exploring further documentation.

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