Emerging 3D Printing Startups Flourishing in Singapore’s Central Region

January 29, 2024

3D printing continues to boast tremendous promise for industries and businesses worldwide. A wave of innovation is sweeping across Singapore’s Central Region with advanced manufacturing and 3D printing technology taking center stage. Singapore is becoming a hub for start-ups in the 3D printing industry, contributing to the nation’s economic growth and technological advancement. This phenomena welcomes a new generation of start-ups in various industries such as healthcare, dietary supplements, consumer electronics, robotics, market research, and more.

Let’s introduce some of the startups based in Singapore, Central Region, that are playing a significant role in the 3D printing revolution. These startups are pushing boundaries, pioneering innovations, and shaping the new world of 3D printing.

Technology, creativity, and ambition drive these companies to break barriers and spark innovation. They are not only significantly influencing the 3D printing industry but also paving the way forward for a more advanced future for various industries.

Craft Health

Launching from the creative minds of NEO Kok Beng, Seng Han Lim, and Wei Jiang Goh is Craft Health. This startup is uplifting the health care, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries with robust 3D printing solutions. Craft Health’s online inquiry system offers comprehensive accessibility and solidifies their place as a top-tier pharmaceutical drug delivery company.


Innovative and intriguing, CreoPop, founded by Daria Mironova, offers a stunning device that enables users to create three-dimensional figures. The launch of their revolutionary 3D pen marries consumer technology with futuristic art.


Spearheading the realm of 3D printing with their first-ever 3D printer, ‘The Buccaneer,’ is the brainchild of Lunar Ventures, Pirate3D. This startup is demonstrating an unyielding commitment to innovation via fused filament fabrication technique printing PLA.


Canalys caters to renowned companies such as At&t, Apple, Broadcom, and more, providing essential marketing, analytics and research services. Founded by Chris Jones, Sandy Fitzpatrick, and Steve Brazier, Canalys thrives within the 3D printing, analytics, and information technology scene.


Venturing into the global additive manufacturing (AM) sector is 3DInfra, founded by Matthew Waterhouse. Providing global solutions for metal printing requirements, this startup’s hi-tech facility and engineering teams are at the forefront of innovation in 3D printing.


Established by Ajay Sharma and Gurjit Sidhu, Kloneworld offers a unique entertainment experience by creating ‘klones’ based on single face photos. Users can star in animations or gift a figurine as a special memento.


Providing a significant contribution to the manufacturing sector, Aniwaa, led by Martin Lansard and Pierre-Antoine Arrighi, offers a dedicated marketplace for additive manufacturing systems. Catering to industrial buyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and more.


Specialising in 3D printed bioresorbable implants, Osteopore helps to assist the natural stages of bone healing. The application of 3D printing in the biomedical field extends the horizons of the healthcare sector.

Bio3D Technologies

Bio3D Technologies creates far-reaching impacts in research and biomedical applications. Their futuristic 3D micro-printing and bioprinting technologies are capturing the global market’s attention.


Spotworks, a leading 3D visualization company, introduces high-quality interior rendering, architectural visualization, and 3D landscape rendering services. They deliver exceptional services to designers, architects, and real estate agents across the world.


Creatz3D Pte Ltd serves as an authorized reseller for globally recognized brands in 3D printing systems and materials. This startup not only caters to the 3D printing community but is also enhancing its market outreach exponentially.

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