Revolutionizing Mumbai: Innovative Startups Disrupting the 3D Printing Landscape

January 29, 2024

2020, a year that has been challenging for many industries, proved to be surprisingly fruitful for new startups entering the dynamic 3D printing industry. Amidst this array of innovative startups, a number of them originated from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. These startups not only stepped into the industry defying the odds but quickly established their mark by adapting to digital technologies and advanced manufacturing processes. Here, we delve deeper into these revolutionary companies and shine a spotlight on their notable accomplishments.

With their innovative solutions, these ventures are revolutionizing sectors ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, to consumer goods. Making the most out of 3D Printing technologies, the Mumbai-based startups are determined to make significant contributions to their respective sectors. Let’s take a closer look at these trailblazing models of innovation and determination.

Each of these startups features a unique combination of innovation, resilience, and adaptability, offering us a compelling peek into the future of the 3D Printing Industry. From rapid prototyping to medical devices, each startup is carving a niche for themselves in this booming industry.

Founded by Sonam Motwani, is revolutionizing the world of 3D Printing by offering quick design validation, transparent pricing, and on-demand manufacturing of parts, straight from your computer. Facebook, LinkedIn, @karkhana_io

Robo Bionics

Robo Bionics, founded by Akshay Saxena, Anil Nair, Kumari Priyanka, and Llewellyn Dsa, creates and develops prosthetic hands. The company offers a lightweight battery-powered structure with multi-group control based in Maharashtra, India. Facebook, LinkedIn, @RoboBionics

AlgoSurg Inc.

AlgoSurg Inc. was founded by Amit Maurya & Vikas Karade. A YC backed company, AlgoSurg Inc. develops algorithms for 3D Simulation of Orthopedic Surgeries with various applications. Facebook, LinkedIn


MIRA3D has developed a build preparation, machine independent software for 3D Printing that requires minimal operator skill. Their software is priced competitively and is offered with a flexible monthly/annual subscription plan. LinkedIn

Imaginarium, founded by Ankit Mehta and Kamlesh Parekh, is India’s largest Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing Center. They provide prototypes to diverse industries from jewelry, engineering, automotive, architecture to consumer goods. Facebook, LinkedIn, @imaginarium_ind


Founded by Firoza Kothari, Sagar Shah & Sohrab Kothari, Anatomiz3D operates in the medical sector of the 3D printing industry. Facebook, LinkedIn, @Anatomiz3D

Metallic Power

Metallic Power, led by Mukund Pant & P.D. Pant, is another notable startup in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing industry based in Mumbai. LinkedIn

Simpliforge Creations

Amit Ghule, Dhruv Gandhi, Faizan Chaudhary, and Waseem Chaudhary founded Simpliforge Creations. They offer holistic additive manufacturing solutions with capacities for Technology Development, System Integration, and Service Solutions. LinkedIn

J Group Robotics

Funded by Vishal Jariwala, J Group Robotics operates in the 3D Printing and Robotics sector. Facebook, LinkedIn

Thingbits Electronics

Founded by Swakit Rane & Viraj Chaudhari, Thingbits Electronics sells a wide range of products from prototyping boards to the latest testing equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, catering particularly to the 3D Printing, E-Commerce, Electronics, and Internet of Things industries. Facebook, LinkedIn, @thingbits


Founded by Vijay Jain, DigiFabb manufactures High-Speed DLP 3D Printers powered by UV LEDs in India. They’ve been significantly contributing to the Jewelry, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing industry. Facebook, LinkedIn, @digifabb

Embarking on paths less travelled, these Mumbai-based startups have exhibited resilience and innovation. With their diversified portfolios, they have shown that the possibilities in the 3D Printing industry are infinite, and India is very much part of this exciting journey. As they continue to innovate and disrupt, these startups establish Mumbai as a budding hotspot for 3D Printing technology.

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