Exploring San Diego’s Innovative 3D Printing Startup Ecosystem

January 29, 2024

San Diego, California is fast becoming a hub for groundbreaking startups in the arena of 3D printing. These companies are not only revolutionizing the sector, but they’re also helping to put this sunny southern city on the global technological map. The following explores some of the new and exciting 3D printing startups that call San Diego home, each making impactful strides in industries ranging from cloud computing to biotechnology, and leading the way in 3D technology innovation.

With the sudden digital shifts brought on by the global pandemic and the increasing demand for 3D printed applications in various industries, these startups are strategically positioning themselves to disrupt traditional manufacturing methods. Now, let’s shine a spotlight on these entrepreneurs and their unique contributions to the 3D printing world. Meet the rising stars who have been making waves in the industry.

Each of these startups carries a distinct vision and unique approach to the challenges presented in the 3D printing field. However, they all share a common thread — an unyielding commitment to advancing the capabilities and possibilities of 3D printing through their inventive products, software, and services.

Intrepid Automation

Founded by Ben Wynne, Chris Tanner, Ivan Chousal, and Jamie Etcheson, Intrepid Automation is a San Diego based startup developing 3D print systems and materials for industrial use. They combine cloud computing and industrial automation to revolutionize manufacturing processes. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Daniel Arroyo, Drew Taylor, and Joshua White, AstroPrint produces cloud software for the Additive Manufacturing industry, enabling large organizations to manage large scale 3D printer farms, regardless of the various 3D Printer brands and models. Stay updated with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

UniZ Technology

UniZ is a technology startup that focuses on the development and distribution of affordable high-performance 3D printing tools. Founded by Jeremy Sanders, this company is committed to making people’s dreams a reality with their innovative printing solutions. Stay connected with UniZ on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Allegro 3D

Allegro 3D is leading the way in the DLP printing industry. Founded by Wei Zhu, this startup’s bioprinting technology enables high-precision manufacturing of biomedical devices and human tissues for cell culture, drug screening, and regenerative medicine applications.


SD3D is an automation technology company co-founded by Bennett Berger and David Feeney. They are developing an end-to-end automation platform, allowing fully autonomous 3D manufacturing from design to doorstep. Find more about them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Argen Corporation

Co-founded by Anton Woolf, Bertie Woolf, Jackie Woolf, and Julie Woolf, The Argen Corporation is a dental company focused on zirconia manufacturing and digital dentistry solutions. They distribute to more than 100 countries and offer a wide range of digitally-produced products and services. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ARRK is one of the world’s largest product development specialists. They believe in an integrated approach to product development that is backed at every stage by exceptional engineering skill, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Tony Moran, GoProto provides plastic and metal part manufacturing solutions. Join them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Stay updated with Printivity—a leading name in 3D Printing and Graphic design—on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


3DaGoGo is a platform that verifies the printability of 3D designs on consumer-grade 3D printers. This innovative startup is automating the print verification process on a per-printer and per-material basis, offering scalable digital distribution and DRM protection to attract major brands into new Printable product lines. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Cell Applications, Inc.

Cell Applications, Inc. is a global leader in Primary Cells, known for its expertise in cell isolation, optimized culture media, stem cells, 3D cell models, bioprinting, disease models, and more. This company supports basic life science research, biopharmaceutical drug discovery, consumer health, and cosmetics testing. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

San Diego’s concentration of innovative 3D printing startups each bring with them an exciting vision for the industry’s future. With their advancements in technology, we can look forward to even greater strides in the world of 3D printing in the years to come.

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