Emerging Biotech Startups Revolutionising Healthcare from Silicon Valley

February 7, 2024

Startup companies have been hailed as catalysts in the modern economic landscape globally. They are dynamic and innovative, often proving to be game changers in their respective sectors. Let’s turn our attention towards a collection of promising startups originally formed in the year 2020 or beyond in the Netherlands, tackling diverse industrial realms with sheer ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Change is bound to be exciting, and these companies are a testament to that.

From manufacturing to e-commerce and even agriculture, these companies are utilizing high-tech solutions and innovative business models to disrupt their respective industries. Furthermore, these startups represent the overall diversity and innovative spirit of the Netherlands’ startup ecosystem.

The Netherlands is renowned for its favorable business environment and investment in innovation. This environment has led to the birth of these promising startups. Offering solutions ranging from automated warehousing systems to graphic design services, these startups are poised to make significant impacts in their respective fields


Eurosort, a company in the Manufacturing, Sales, and Transportation industry is based in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. They provide a large variety of customizable sorters, addressing unit sortation challenges. These apparatus find applications in warehousing, e-commerce order fulfillment, returns management, postal sorting, among others. They can be found on LinkedIn.


INVK operates in Education, Non-Profit, and Training fields. Committed to effectuate meaningful change, they are headquartered in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. Their online presence manifests on various platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Emerging from the E-Commerce, EBooks, and Internet industry, BookSpot is situated in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. They anticipate a remarkable trajectory in the market. They are active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Pos Service Holland

Pos Service Holland is an Automotive, Retail, and Wholesale industry startup located in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. They can be followed on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bard 87

Working in the fields of Graphic Design, Personal Branding, and Web Design, Bard 87 operates from ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland.


Forming part of the Automotive and E-Commerce industry, Bandenthuis is situated in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. They actively engage in Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fishing Info Europe

In the domain of Adventure Travel, Boating, and Marine Transportation, Fishing Info Europe operates in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland.

Bickery Food Group

The Bickery Food Group is from the Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Warehousing sectors in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. They can be followed on their social media accounts here: Facebook and LinkedIn.

Viscon Group

Focusing on Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Industrial Automation, and Manufacturing, Viscon Group operates from ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland. Founded by Jan Visser, the company provides automation solutions in the Agro and food industry. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visser Horti Systems

Operating from ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, under the sectors of Agriculture, Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, and Product Design, Visser Horti Systems provide a range of services including seeders, tray fillers, grading systems, and industrial washing machines. They are active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

DCM Agency

DCM Agency, proficient in Advertising, B2B, Lead Generation, SEO, and Web Design, operates from ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland. They disseminate their presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups are representative of the diversity and potency of the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem, while also being indicative of a prosperous future characterized by innovation, ingenuity, and adaptability. Here’s to the continued growth and success of these ventures and to the exciting changes they promise for us all.

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