Emerging Fintech Startups Reshaping Financial Landscape From Silicon Valley

February 7, 2024

In this fast-paced world, startup companies have been recognised to introduce innovative solutions which are appealing for every industry ranging from the Automotive sector to E-commerce. They have dared to think out of the box and sometimes breached the traditional sector silos in coming up with cross-disciplinary incentives. With this in mind, we have dedicated this article to the Startups of 2020 and later that are making a mark in the world with their stellar performance and ground-breaking ideas. Our focus is turned towards the startup landscape of the regal Kingdom of the Netherlands today.

The quaintly scenic regions of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland have recently become a breeding ground for some of the most intriguing startup firms. The impactful services rendered by these startups not only transform the industries they cater to but also create a global influence. We have compiled a list of such startups which are worthy of being under your radar.

We have peeled back the layers of each company, delving into their industry, founders, descriptions, digital footprints across social media, along with their websites. Let’s embark on the journey to understand these companies better.


Located in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, Eurosort has a strong presence in the sphere of Manufacturing, Sales, and Transportation. The company offers a large variety of customizable bomb bay, push tray, cross tray, push bar, and sweeper sorters for tough unit sortation challenges. Their offerings also include solutions for warehousing and distribution applications like e-commerce order fulfilment, postal sorting, central fill etc. To know more about them, follow on their Linkedin page.


Our next startup is INVK, a non-profit initiative based out of ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. Milestones in Education and Training have been achieved by this rapidly growing startup. To know more about it, follow INVK on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Also in ‘s-graveland, the startup BookSpot has made an impact in the sphere of E-Commerce and EBooks. Stay tuned to them through their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin page.

Pos Service Holland

Another interesting start-up, Pos Service Holland has made a strong mark in the Automotive and Retail industry. Don’t miss any updates from them by staying in touch through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Bard 87

An epitome of creativity, Bard 87 is a startup from ‘s-graveland that has carved a niche for itself in Graphic and Web Design industry.


A noteworthy startup Bandenthuis is reigniting the Automotive and E-Commerce industry with their innovative solutions. To be a part of their journey, follow them on their Facebook and Linkedin page.

Fishing Info Europe

Bringing adventure travel, boating, and marine transportation to light is the spotlight startup, Fishing Info Europe based in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

Bickery Food Group

Bringing revolution to the food and beverage, transportation, and warehousing sector is the ‘s-graveland based startup Bickery Food Group. Stay connected with them through their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Viscon Group

From ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, the Viscon Group is a prodigious startup that offers industrial automation solutions in the Agro and food industry. Their solutions include material handling systems, industrial cleaning systems, and more. To know more about them, follow the Viscon Group on Facebook and Linkedin.

Visser Horti Systems

Also reigning from ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, Visser Horti Systems provides services for agricultural, industrial, machinery manufacturing, and product design sectors. Don’t forget to catch up with Visser Horti Systems on Facebook, Twitter and Linkdein.

DCM Agency

The final company on our list is ‘s-gravendeel based DCM Agency. This established startup is making waves in Advertising, B2B, Lead Generation, SEO, and Web Design industries. Stay updated with their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

In conclusion, these are some of the most innovative startups with their inception in 2020 or later, and based in Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. Covering a spectrum of industries, they are creating a difference with their groundbreaking ideas. A look into these startups is highly recommended to understand the depth of the current startup landscape in Netherlands.

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