Emerging Bucharest Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry Landscape

February 7, 2024

3D printing continues to carve out a niche in the global manufacturing industry, transforming the way that companies design, prototype and produce products. The advancements in 3D printing technologies have led to a rise in startups operating in this industry, and Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania has proven to be a formidable birthplace of such innovative ventures. This article seeks to highlight startups founded from 2020 onwards that are championing the 3D printing revolution in Bucharest.

From creating plant-based food products to designing automotive parts, these startups leverage the far-reaching possibilities of 3D printing, ushering a new era of digital production. Each startup has a unique approach towards harnessing the power of 3D technologies, addressing different needs in various sectors, including food and beverages, technology, manufacturing, and automotive.

Our list comprises startups such as Bluana Foods, 3D Printare Scanare, Ericom, Wedoo, Paper York, Print 3D Bucuresti, Pattern Media, Shape Phylosophy, DashGrup, cardcolor, and We are 3D. We celebrate these companies not only for their ground-breaking work in their respective industries but also for fostering innovation locally in Bucharest.

Bluana Foods

Bluana Foods was founded in 2022 by Florin IRIMESCU and operates within the intersection of 3D Printing and Food and Beverage industry. The startup aims to reduce the consumption of ocean fish by creating plant-based food products through 3D printing. For more details, visit their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

3D Printare Scanare

3D Printare Scanare is an innovative startup in the 3D Technology industry. They leverage social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with their community and share developments in their work.


Ericom is making strides in the 3D Printing, Manufacturing, Printing, and Sales industries. To stay current with Ericom, check out their Facebook page.


Wedoo, established by Marius Cosmin, provides design, prototyping and 3D printing services to the Automotive and Industrial Engineering industry. They specialize in creating spare parts for electric scooters and developing scooter accessories. Follow their work on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Paper York

Paper York is a startup navigating the realms of 3D Printing, Printing, and Publishing industry. They maintain active profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Print 3D Bucuresti

Print 3D Bucuresti operates in the 3D Printing and 3D Technology sector. They share updates through their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Pattern Media

Pattern Media is an enterprising startup in the 3D Printing and Advertising industry.

Shape Phylosophy

Shape Phylosophy leverages 3D Printing and 3D Technology to develop innovative solutions in the Manufacturing sector. Discover more about them on their Facebook or Twitter page.


DashGrup is a pioneering startup in the 3D Printing, Consulting, Creative Agency, and Printing industry.


CardColor specializes in 3D Printing of card printers, consumables, and software. They offer complex solutions based on plastic cards and develop loyalty software.

We are 3D

Lastly, We are 3D explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing in the Technology and Printing industry. Follow the work of We are 3D on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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