Innovative Cleveland Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Sphere

February 7, 2024

The recent years have seen a significant increase in the adoption of 3D printing technology across various industries. This disruptive technology is changing the face of manufacturing, impacting sectors from healthcare to automobiles. Today, we take a closer look at startups headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, that have been operating in the 3D Printing industry since 2020 or later.

These companies, despite being relatively new entrants, are already making waves with their innovative approaches and advanced methodologies. Their diverse applications of 3D printing span across industries – from energy and transportation to consumer goods and healthcare.

Below, we detail the profiles of these groundbreaking ventures. Each has a unique story to tell, and each is contributing to the growing 3D printing landscape in their own significant way.

Interstate-McBee, LLC

Founded by AI Buescher, Interstate-McBee provides engine parts, fuel injection parts, and gaskets for the heavy-duty diesel and natural gas industry. Known for quality and consistency, their facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Through their products, they aim to influence the market not just in the OEM but also in the aftermarket sectors.


An industry leader in mill and melted products, Timet fulfills almost one-fifth of the global titanium demand. They are the only supplier having production units in both the United States and Europe, a strategic positioning to support their international customer base.

Buckeye Business Products

Specializing in 3D Printing, Consumer Goods, and Manufacturing, Buckeye Business Products is another startup that is making a mark in the industry.


A company providing papers, envelopes, packaging, and graphic design products, Millcraft is transforming the paper & forest products industry with their innovative solutions.


Primarily operating in the Environmental Engineering and Healthcare, Met-Chem manufactures Filter Press, Clarifers, Evaporators, Sludge Dryers, and other wastewater systems, improving industrial operations.

System Seals Inc

Yet another startup making strides in the industry, System Seals Inc is pressing forward with its unique offering in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing sector.


Co-founded by Dameon Guess and Jacob Edwards, Jakprints is making strides in the E-Commerce, Online Portals, and Printing sectors with their remarkable innovative solutions.

MDF Tool Corporation

Working in the rapid prototyping and investment casting industries, MDF Tool Corporation produces models, patterns, injection molds, and support tooling. The high-quality prototype patterns and tools they produce are both efficient and cost-effective.

Landi Industries

Landi Industries operates as an engineering and manufacturing company which takes entire accountability from design to commissioning, offering fully complete and ready-to-use products.

Machine Design

Active in the 3D Printing, CAD, Construction, Internet of Things, and Robotics industries, Machine Design is another company that is making significant advancements in their respective fields.


CAM-LEM, Inc. uses a combination of advanced manufacturing techniques to produce complex metal and ceramic parts. They offer prototyping and manufacturing services to companies involved in product development, manufacturing, engineering, and research and development.

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