Emerging Chicago-based Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Scene

January 29, 2024

The year 2020 brought with it unique challenges and unprecedented advancements. It was also a year of innovation – a prime example being the emerging industry of 3D Printing. This fast-growing industry has seen numerous startups sprouting, and Chicago became a hub for many such ventures. The city of Chicago is home to a sprouting scene of startups venturing into the dynamic field of 3D Printing. This article puts a spotlight on these innovative companies, all of which brought new dimensions to the 3D Printing landscape.

These startups, with the inception in 2020 or later, are bringing their unique ideas and transforming the 3D Printing industry with innovative solutions. From creating regenerative microenvironments for therapeutic applications to developing cloud manufacturing platforms for scalable and sustainable production, these startups are truly pushing the boundaries of what 3D Printing technology can achieve.

This article takes a closer look at each of these promising startups, detailing their core offerings, innovative approaches, and the minds that have brought these companies to life. Below we have dissected and explored startups in the realm of 3D Printing based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Dimension Inx

Founded by Adam Jakus, Caralynn Nowinski Collens, and Ramille Shah, Dimension Inx is revolutionizing the 3D Printing, Biotechnology, Medical, and Therapeutics industry. This innovative company harnesses advanced biomaterials to form regenerative microenvironments, a blueprint that encourages the body to heal itself. It leverages the intricate interplay between material composition, microstructure, and microarchitecture to produce biofunctionality within the human body. Find out more on their LinkedIn, and Facebook page.

Fast Radius

Fast Radius is becoming a leader in the 3D Printing, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Software industry. Founded by David Crowder, John Nanry, Lou Rassey, and Mitch Free, Fast Radius‘ Cloud Manufacturing Platform™ is a first-of-its-kind solution that integrates design, production, and fulfillment operations through a common digital infrastructure.
Get more information on their LinkedIn, and Facebook page.


Brought to life by Ben Houston, ThreeKit is a 3D product configuration and visualization platform. It allows companies to cost-effectively create photorealistic, interactive 3D, and augmented reality visuals more on their LinkedIn, and Facebook page.

Brandenburg Industrial Service Company

Brandenburg Industrial Service Company operates in the 3D Printing, Manufacturing, Real Estate industries unparalleled performances in their respective field you can also follow them onFacebook.

Sciaky, Inc.

Sciaky, Inc. has been continuously growing in the 3D Printing, Aerospace, Manufacturing, National Security industry. See their updates LinkedIn, and Facebook page.

Dreamsoft 3D

Check out Dreamsoft 3D innovative solutions in the 3D Printing, Advertising, Manufacturing, Marketing, Software industry on their Facebook platform.


Dynamism, an online platform catering to the 3D Printing, E-Commerce industry was started by Douglas Krone. Check out their innovative products on Facebook.

Advanced Prototype Molding, Inc.

Advanced Prototype Molding, Inc. has made a significant impact in the 3D Printing, Manufacturing, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing industry with their expertise. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Guardian Equipment

Guardian Equipment, a name in the 3D Printing, Consumer Electronics, Manufacturing industry is located in Chicago.

Tower Oil & Technology Co.

Tower Oil & Technology Co. is making great strides in the 3D Printing, Energy, Manufacturing industry.

EcoLogic LLC

Co-founded by John McKibbin, EcoLogic LLC is bringing innovative solutions to the 3D Printing, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing industry. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

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