Emerging Barcelona-Based 3D Printing Startups Transforming the Tech Industry

January 29, 2024

Welcome to the dynamic world of 3D Printing, an industry enriched with potential and growing rapidly around the globe. Among its many thriving epicenters is Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain – a location housing a collection of startups with a firm foundation in this creative industry. The startups selected for our spotlight share the common denominator of an inception beginning in 2020 or later but differentiate in their respective niches and pursuits within the overarching field of 3D printing and technology. Through this analysis, we hope to provide a comprehensive outlook on the range of innovation happening in Barcelona’s 3D Printing industry.

3D Printing is a sector with a broad application horizon including but not limited to CAD, SaaS, Software, Web Development, consumer goods, Aerospace, Drones, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, communities, Information Technology, and Jewelry. The application of these principles and technology brings about novel, efficient, and user-friendly platforms, products, and services. Our chosen startups exhibit a fine blend of these applications, characterizing the versatility and adaptability within the field of 3D Printing.

We invite you to delve into each company’s unique characteristics, their innovative technologies, applications, and the impact they are making within this rapidly expanding sector. Let’s discover what Barcelona’s 3D Printing startups have to offer.


Founded by Daniel Iborra and Viktor Nordstrom, CL3VER is a 3D Technology startup that has made its mark through its innovative cloud-based platform for creating interactive 3D presentations. The startup is a hit with engineers, architects, and design professionals who utilize their software throughout their sales and marketing cycles. With CL3VER’s unique WebGL and HTML5 based 3D engine, real-time 3D rendering becomes not just possible, but easy. Follow their exciting journey on their social media channels @cl3ver_3d, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Chupa chups

Chupa chups is a startup founded by Enric Bernat that operates in the 3D Printing industry. Specialising in Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing. Interact with their brand through their Facebook page.


VINCLE operates on a multisectoral approach to automating business processes for manufacturers of consumer products and pharmaceutical laboratories. Learn more about this startup on their LinkedIn and @vincle_es.


BonaDrone, is a Barcelona-based startup that designs and manufactures Do It Yourself (DIY) Drones. Founded by Josep Martí Saumell, Bonadrone aims to revolutionize educational methods specifically in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @bonadrone.

Service Point Solutions

Service Point Solutions is a commercial printing service, employing more than 2,400 people across nine countries. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.


FabCafe is a creative hub for people to experience creativity with devices such as laser cutters and 3D printers. Connect with them on Facebook and @fabcafe_com.


KURIO is a first-of-its-kind phygital jewelry marketplace using 3D, AR, and Blockchain technologies. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn Page.


Imagiam is a startup by David Garcia that operates in the sphere of 3D Printing and Information Technology. Discover more about Imagiam on their Facebook, @imagiam., and LinkedIn page.


FUNDACIO PRIVADA CENTRE CIM is a startup that specializes in 3D Printing, Manufacturing, Market Research, and Training. Connect with them on LinkedIn, @cim_upc., and Facebook.


ADDIT·ION was founded by Ignasi Sagre Martinez and Saulo Armas Falcon. They offer additive manufacturing services including prosthetic leg cover with personalized themes. Stay updated with ADDIT·ION through their LinkedIn page.

Crayon Creatures

Crayon Creatures is an online service that turns children’s artwork into 3D prints. View their creative works on their Facebook page and @CrayonCreatures.

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