Toronto’s Innovations: Exploring Thriving 3D Printing Startups in Canada

January 29, 2024

COVID-19 is not only a global pandemic and public health crisis; it has also severely affected the global economy and industrial sector. Amid these challenging times, new startups are still emerging, demonstrating their resilience and innovative thinking. Notably, a significant number of these startups are in the 3D Technology and 3D Printing industry, leveraging the power of advanced technology to revolutionize various sectors. This article presents an overview of startups from this exciting industry launched in 2020 or later and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We delve into the uniqueness and creativity of these companies, their services, and products, as well as the founders that are propelling the 3D printing industry to new heights.

The use of 3D printing technology has proved pivotal in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, architecture, and even food production. Startups in this sector are using 3D technology to transform everything from health-care equipment production to restaurant meals. This versatility makes 3D printing a lucrative and strategic industry. Our focus on Toronto, Ontario, is not arbitrary; this city is increasingly becoming a hub for technology companies in Canada, owing to its supportive business environment, availability of talent, and plethora of venture capital funding.

Let’s delve deeper into some of these promising companies that are not only disrupting traditional manufacturing processes but also redefining the notion of what’s possible in their respective markets.


Dennon Oosterman, the founder of ReDeTec, has revolutionized the 3D Printing and 3D Technology industry with their revolutionary product, ProtoCycler. Via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, they continuously showcase their engagement in creating a more sustainable and economical 3D printing process.


Figur3D, a 3D digital asset management & production company, is enhancing various industries with their custom multi-color 3D printing services. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages also boast of their diverse portfolio of work.

Hot Pop Factory

Founded by Biying Miao and Matt Compeau, Hot Pop Factory combines their passion for design and manufacturing into creating influential designs. Engage with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and their @HotPopFactory Twitter handle.

Matter and Form

Founded by Andrew Shark and Trevor Townsend, Matter and Form is making 3D printing accessible to anyone. Their innovative 3D scanner is showcased via their intriguing Facebook, LinkedIn pages, and their Twitter handle @matterandform.

Creative CADworks

Creative CADworks, although less vocal about their founders, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their work. Their services are extensively depicted on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Nia Technologies

Nia Technologies, a non-profit social enterprise, is rewriting the narrative of 3D printing technology. Focusing on humanitarian efforts, their work can be viewed on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Flatfab, founded by Karan Singh, aims to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D designing. Although their social media platform links are missing, their innovation is showcased on their website.

Orion3D Solutions

Orion 3D Solutions, with undisclosed founders, is deeply immersed in the waste management sector. They utilize 3D printing technology as their core competency in providing their services. Their activities can be monitored via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Argyle Materials

Argyle Materials, though they have not disclosed their founders, utilise 3D printing in advanced materials and manufacturing. Their works can be spotted on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Camad, a hub for advertising and manufacturing, makes extensive use of 3D printing technology. Interested parties can follow their activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.


CO2 GRO, with undisclosed founders, is pushing boundaries by integrating 3D printing technology into agriculture and energy sectors. They utilise their 3D printing expertise for the innovation of new plant yield solutions.

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