Emerging Hangzhou-Based Startups Revolutionising the 3D Printing Industry

February 6, 2024

In recent years, 3D printing technology has expanded its reach and paved the way for innovation across various industries. Now, a variety of startups have emerged to make significant contributions to the industry’s growth. In this new wave of innovative enterprises, several startups from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, have distinguished themselves by providing broad-reaching solutions in 3D printing technology. Here, we will explore a series of recent startups, founded in 2020 and beyond, dedicated to the exciting world of 3D Printing.

Hangzhou, an economically thriving city with a robust technological landscape, has become a home for these startups who are making strides in the 3D printing industry. These companies, though varied in their unique approaches and specific areas of focus, share a common goal of advancing the use and accessibility of 3D printing technology. They demonstrate the wide-ranging potential of 3D printing, touching industries from medical application to food production and beyond.

Let’s delve into these ambitious companies shaping the future landscape of 3D Printing from the dynamic city of Hangzhou. Each one, with its unique offerings, is pushing boundaries to redefine what’s possible in the rapidly evolving world of 3D printing.

Xunshi Technology

Xunshi Technology is a startup that operates in the 3D Printing industry. Founded by Dr. Zhang Jing, the company is part of Hangzhou’s thriving technological landscape.


Regenovo, founded by Xu Mingen, is a 3D Printing company specializing in the biomedical field. They offer a complete 3D printing technology aiming to build a digital medical chain from medical information to medical product customization. Regenovo’s offerings reach from bio-3D printing equipment to tissue organoid research, development, and production. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Shiyin Technology

Founded by Jingyuan Li, Shiyin Technology operates in the 3D Printing, Business Development, and Market Research industries. They specialize in food 3D printers and the development of custom food under the brand, Mildos.


Dedibot, founded by Hua Ying, is a company creating 3D printing tools, consumable materials, and platforms for building 3D models. Its research covers precision machinery, intelligent control, 3D modeling, and novel materials. Connect with Dedibot on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Feibai Sanwei

Technology innovation company Feibai Sanwei, founded by Fangjun Ru, provides customised 3D scanning modules for different industries and research and development in 3D reconstruction and 3D machine vision. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


TEACH operates in the 3D Printing, Children, Education, Information Services, and Printing industries, providing unique educational tools and services.


Toyone, a company based in Hangzhou, operates in the 3D Printing, Hardware, and Product Design industries.


Founded by Nanjia Zhou, enovate3D provides services in 3D printing equipment, materials, and processing services. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Baoxiao Box

Baoxiao Box specializes in 3D Printing, Industrial Design, and Interior Design, offering innovative design options for various applications.


Operating in the 3D Printing, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Product Design industries, FacFox aims to deliver a wide range of manufacturing solutions. Connect with FacFox on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter and engage them on Facebook.

Ximalaya Xinxi Keji

Founded by Zhao Qingyang, Ximalaya Xinxi Keji operates in the 3D Printing, 3D Technology, and Manufacturing industries, contributing unique technical advancements to the field.

In conclusion, these companies, all headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, are making significant strides in revolutionizing the 3D printing industry. With their unique approaches and innovative solutions, they’re contributing to the constant evolution of this transformative technology.

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