Exploring Moscow’s Innovative 3D Printing Startup Landscape: A Close Look

February 6, 2024

In this age of rapid technological advancements, startups are playing a significant role in shaping the future of diverse industries such as 3D Printing. Here in the heart of Russia, Moscow, several noteworthy companies with intriguing concepts and business models have emerged. This article provides a snapshot of some of the startups, founded 2020 or later, and sheds light on the activities that these companies are undertaking.

These Moscow-based startups operate in the 3D Printing industry which has the potential to revolutionize many sectors including manufacturing, health care, and design. While some focus on small-scale manufacturing using 3D printing, others are leveraging the technology to create bioprinting solutions or personalized medical implants. Moscow is fast becoming a hub for these kinds of technological advancements and the innovative startups discussed here are a testament to this fact.

Founded in recent years, these startups are a testament to the digital transformation that the 3D printing industry is experiencing. They highlight the innovative ways companies are leveraging technology to advance not only their business operations but to contribute to the industry as a whole. Without further ado, let’s delve into an exploration of these digitally advanced companies.


Based in Moscow, PRINTool operates in the 3D printing, industrial automation, open source, and product design industries. Despite being in its early stage of business development, it has shown promising strides with its technology-centric solutions.


Co-founded by innovators Constantine Ivanov and Dmitry Maslennikov, 3DPrintus is an online service offering small-scale manufacturing through 3D printing, CNC, and injection molding. Visit them on Facebook or follow the company on Twitter for updates.

Archibase Planet

An international architecture and 3D community portal, Archibase Planet boasts of more than 135,000 registered architects and designers from 171 countries. Customers can explore profiles and artworks to find a 3D designer or Architect.

3D Bioprinting Solutions

3D Bioprinting Solutions operates in 3D Printing, 3D Technology, and Biotechnology. Their exciting approach to bioprinting marks a key stepping stone in the future of medical advancements. Catch them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


Founded by Denis Kovalevich, TechnoSpark builds, develops and sells companies in numerous advanced technological domains. They aim to make buying a startup affordable for many companies. Visit their Facebook page and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Netwell is the official distributor of high-tech equipment in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Since 2003, more than 300 of the largest Russian IT companies have chosen to partner with Netwell. Connect with them via Facebook or LinkedIn.

Russneft OJSC

Founded by Mikhail Gutseriev, Russneft OJSC operates in the 3D printing, energy, and manufacturing sectors. It remains one of the key players in the ever-evolving 3D printing industry in Moscow.


Co-founded by Alexander Cherkasov and Fëdor Aptekarev, Zdravprint technology replaces plaster casts and makes customised lightweight splints from low-temperature bioplastics, revolutionizing the medical industry in Russia.

Tsvetnoy Mir

Tsvetnoy Mir manufactures and markets 3D printing devices from its headquarters in Moscow. The company has been a constant contributor to the advancement of the 3D technology and manufacturing industry.

Polygon Medical Engineering

PolygonMED designs and prints individual implants for bone tissue surgery and provides 3D surgical planning, serving over 500 registered surgeons and veterinarians from 39 countries. You can connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Operating in 3D printing, machinery manufacturing and printing, 3DQuality further enriches Moscow’s thriving startup environment. Catch up with this exciting aspect of the 3D printing industry on Facebook.

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