Emerging HealthTech Startups Revolutionising the Medical Industry From California

January 29, 2024

2020 has been the birth of many startups across various industries. These innovative companies are not only adapting to the digital age but are also transforming traditional industries to cope with the rapid changes happening within the startup landscape. We have gathered a list of startups, from manufacturing and sales to design and e-commerce, located in various parts of ‘s Graveland and ‘s Gravendeel, Netherlands. We hope our readers find these startups interesting and worthy to watch in the coming years.

The Netherlands, known for its vibrant startup scene, continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. One distinctive aspect is the range of industries that these startups operate in. Some are trying to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, while others are contributing to online retail, non-profit, training and a spate of other sectors. This article sheds light on these upcoming startups that are striving to bring about significant changes in their respective industries.

All the startups listed in this series were founded in 2020 or later, indicating how new ideas and innovations continue to prosper despite the challenging global climate. This dedication, resilience, and courage to venture into entrepreneurship are indeed commendable and inspirational for all readers.


Eurosort is mainly involved in the areas of Manufacturing, Sales, and Transportation. The startup provides an array of customizable types of sorters, providing solutions for warehousing and distribution applications. From order fulfillment to postal sorting, Eurosort ensures effective management of all these tasks. For more information, check out their Linkedin.


INVK is primarily focused on the Education, Non-Profit, and Training industry. It aims to maximize the potential of these sectors and contribute constructively to its development. You can follow them on their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for regular updates.


BookSpot, part of E-Commerce, EBooks, and Internet space, is thriving in the digital age. They have made reading on the go easy and convenient. You can get in touch with their team through their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts.

Pos Service Holland

Contributing to the Automotive, Retail, and Wholesale sectors, Pos Service Holland has significant operations in these areas. Follow their progress on their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin handles.

Bard 87

This startup swings towards Graphic Design, Personal Branding, and Web Design sectors. Bard 87 aspires to carve its niche in designing and branding space, shaping the way businesses interact and communicate with their audience.


The startup Bandenthuis contributes to Automotive and E-Commerce sectors, promising to revolutionize the way tyres are bought and sold online. You can follow their progress and updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fishing Info Europe

Fishing Info Europe is adding value to the Adventure Travel, Boating, and Marine Transportation industry, targeting the enthusiasts who crave information regarding fishing and boating in Europe.

Bickery Food Group

Operating in the Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Warehousing industry, the Bickery Food Group aims to provide high-quality food and beverage options and efficient distribution. Their latest updates can be found on Facebook and Linkedin.

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