Revolutionising Healthcare: Innovative Startups Emerge from Silicon Valley

January 29, 2024

As the global startup landscape continues to thrive, many of these new enterprises are setting up shop in the Netherlands. Known for its rich culture, strong infrastructure, and flourishing business scene, cities like ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland and ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland have become exciting hubs for innovative startups. The following companies, all birthed from 2020 onwards, are making strides across various industries from technology and education to transportation and manufacturing. Read on to discover more about these promising companies and their unique endeavors.

These startups not only represent the spirit of pioneering and innovation but also reflect the diversity of industries they serve. Each one is taking a unique approach to solving key issues in sectors like manufacturing, education, ecommerce, and more. From Eurosort’s sorting solutions designed for warehousing and distribution applications to INVK’s efforts in the education and training non-profit sector, these startups are rewriting the rules of business and propelling their industries forward.

Yet, what binds them all is their unrelenting pursuit of innovation and their drive to make a significant positive impact on their respective industries. Regardless of the specific challenges they each aim to address, the goal remains the same: to create groundbreaking products and services that can better the lives of consumers, businesses, and societies. So, let us delve deeper into these promising organizations.


Eurosort is a manufacturing, sales, and transportation company based in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. Offering a large variety of customizable sorting solutions, Eurosort has positioned itself as a key player for warehousing and distribution applications. Their innovative solutions cater to ecommerce order fulfillment, buy online, pick-up in-store, returns management, postal sorting, and more. With their headquarters located in the Netherlands, Eurosort continues to gain traction in the startup scene. Visit their LinkedIn page for more updates.


Based in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, INVK operates in the education, non-profit, and training industry. Although details regarding the company’s projects and operations remain undisclosed, they continue to make their mark in the Dutch startup ecosystem. Follow their exciting journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


BookSpot, also based in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, operates in the E-Commerce, eBooks, and Internet industry. Stay updated on their progress via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Pos Service Holland

Specializing in automotive, retail, and wholesale, Pos Service Holland is yet another promising startup from ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. Keep track of their developments on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Bard 87

Operating in the graphic design, personal branding, and web design spheres, Bard 87 is another startup that calls ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland home.


Specializing in automotive and e-commerce, Bandenthuis, also based in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, is making significant strides in its industry. Keep up with their progress on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profile.

Fishing Info Europe

Sailing smoothly in the Adventure Travel, Boating, and Marine Transportation industry, Fishing Info Europe is yet another startup hailing from ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland.

Bickery Food Group

Bickery Food Group, operating in the Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Warehousing industry, is another promising startup located in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland. Stay updated on their dynamic journey via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Viscon Group

Viscon Group, founded by Jan Visser, is offering industrial automation solutions in the Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Industrial Automation, and Manufacturing industry based out of ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland. You can further explore their innovative solutions and follow their progress on their Facebook page or their Linkedin profile.

Visser Horti Systems

Visser Horti Systems provides a range of services in the Agriculture, Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, and Product Design sectors. Stay updated with their progress on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profile.

DCM Agency

Specializing in Advertising, B2B, Lead Generation, SEO, and Web Design, DCM Agency is another forward-thinking startup located in ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland. Keep track of DCM Agency’s innovative approach and strides by following their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

In conclusion, the vigor and innovative spirit embodied by these startups are positively contributing to the Netherlands’ thriving business landscape. While their fields of sites may vary widely, their commitment to pushing boundaries and contributing to progress is evident and inspiring. Here’s to watching them continue to break new ground and redefine what it means to be a startup in the 21st century. Stay tuned for more articles showcasing the impressive startups in the Netherlands and beyond.

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