(FRANCE) Marc Sanselme: We break down complex AI and data science into understandable components so that even businesses with limited technical background can leverage them.

December 18, 2023
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How does Scopeo make advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science accessible to businesses of all levels of technical maturity?

Scopeo simplifies advanced technologies for all levels of technical maturity by offering tailored AI solutions. We break down complex AI and data science concepts into understandable components, ensuring that even businesses with limited technical background can leverage these technologies. This is done through thousands of integrations to any kind of software used by the client : we believe the best AI is an AI that we forget about and just provides intelligence to existing process. 

Can you explain the process of A to Z that Scopeo offers to its clients, allowing them to focus on their core business while taking care of the AI integration?

Scopeo’s A to Z approach involves initial consultation to understand the client’s needs, followed by a deep exploration of possibilities and state-of-the-art performances on the client’s topics. This study narrows down the field of possibilities and provides a concrete road-map for a concrete application. The next step is to follow the road-map and develop a customized AI solution. We then integrate this solution with the client’s existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to the core business. Post-integration, we offer support and maintenance, allowing clients to focus on their primary operations while enjoying the benefits of AI.

What expertise does Scopeo provide in terms of Artificial Intelligence and what successful use cases can you share that demonstrate the effectiveness of these AI solutions?

Scopeo’s expertise lies in providing cutting-edge AI solutions across various industries as : 

  • Custom AI Chatbot : We have developed custom chatbots that accelerate access to technical information and maximize productivity or employees, or simply provide instant, satisfying customer assistance. 
  • Intelligent Summary of Customer Reviews : We developed a tool to summarize product reviews on e-commerce sites. 
  • Automatic Document Processing : We developed an algorithm for automatic reading of scanned invoices, resumes or any king of custom documents, combining OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Large Language Models.

How does Scopeo ensure the integration of AI solutions with existing tools and infrastructure, enabling the automation of tasks and the reinvention of processes?

Scopeo ensures smooth AI integration by evaluating the existing tools and infrastructure of a business. We focus on automation of repetitive tasks and reinventing processes for efficiency. The integration is done in a way that complements existing systems, preventing the need for complete overhauls.

We use all the connectors and API as much as possible. Nowadays, Zapier, Make or Airbyte are very easy to integrate and we can focus on the real value : AI.

What is the pricing model of Scopeo’s customized AI services, and how does it vary based on the seniority of the experts involved?

Scopeo’s pricing is time based, as the scope of R&D projects is impossible to set in advance. We believe flexibility is the key here and that sharing the deadlines with all shareholders is very important to the success of projects, as they usually involve many people internally.

Our pricing depends on the expert seniority, and we have both hourly and daily prices.

We do not publish our prices, but we will be happy to provide them to anyone that comes to us with a project.

Can you provide more information on the subventions available through the BPI for French companies interested in implementing AI solutions?

For French companies, Scopeo can assist in accessing subventions available through the BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement). These subventions are designed to encourage the adoption of AI and can significantly offset the cost of implementation. French businesses can finance up to 80% of their AI investment. More details on our website.

How does Scopeo measure the return on investment for AI projects and ensure that the solutions provided bring value to the client’s business?

Scopeo measures the return on investment (ROI) of AI projects by setting clear, measurable goals at the outset. We track the performance of the AI solution against these goals, ensuring that the investment brings tangible value to the business. 

This means we have to build, very soon in the project, and with all the stakeholders, a metric for quality evaluation. This metric is our compass for the whole mission.

How does Scopeo address the quality of data in machine learning projects and what specific methodologies does the company employ to enhance data quality?

Scopeo addresses data quality by employing specific methodologies such as data cleansing, enrichment, and validation. Quality of data is crucial for the success of machine learning projects. As we say in Data Science “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. Therefore, we put significant emphasis on checking the training data and ensuring it is reliable, unbiased, representative enough, variable enough, similar to the data we will have at run time, etc. This step can lead to a blocking situation where we need to collect data again, or make major corrections. But if it is what is needed, we can only accept it and pause research and development. There is no point doing research on bad data.

What options are available to companies that do not have internal teams to manage the integration of AI solutions, and how does Scopeo facilitate this process through API, webhooks, and connectors?

We believe that the best apps for AI already exist : they are called Microsoft Excel, Google sheet, drive, mail, slack, zoom… Building AI applications and integrating them into existing apps with connectors is our specialty : the no-app philosophy.

When needed, we can build strong, reliable interfaces with tools such as retool or Vercel, but we prefer not to as long as it is not needed as it imply more friction on the user’s side.

How does Scopeo help businesses identify the potential applications of AI and determine the utility and feasibility of implementing AI solutions in their specific context?

Scopeo helps businesses identify potential AI applications by conducting feasibility studies and utility assessments. We analyze the specific context of each business, determining how AI can be best utilized to meet their unique needs and objectives.

We also try state-of-the-art technologies on the client’s data, to have an idea of the quality that can be expected in the end. This is a crucial step to validate an approach and make a decision on investing more.

This approach ensures that the AI solutions implemented are both practical and beneficial for the company.

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