GlobMed: A World of First-class and Borderless Healthcare

December 20, 2021

GlobMed is a global healthcare manager, set up in London 2020 by two entrepreneurs with a keen eye for and interest in global healthcare and solving many of the healthcare-related problems the global pandemic highlighted and exacerbated. 

GlobMed was set up to provide tailored healthcare solutions to patients, offering world-leading levels of care and medical expertise through an established network of doctors, medical practitioners and private clinics throughout the UK, Europe and the wider world.

Enabling patients to access the best healthcare professionals in the world, GlobMed has a core principle that ‘healthcare wherever it is done best’ is how healthcare should be delivered. People travel around the world for various reasons in the 21st Century and healthcare doesn’t need to be different, with the right guidance and management.

One of the key messages and tenets behind GlobMed is the principle that everyone, no matter their background, ethnicity, social status or otherwise should be denied world-leading healthcare. GlobMed is the world’s first truly global standard and network of healthcare and believes in a world of first-class and borderless healthcare.

GlobMed works with some of the best healthcare providers and clinics in the world, across multiple medical disciplines and areas including dental, fertility, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and cosmetics.

Patients simply sign up and get started with GlobMed online or via contact and they are assigned a healthcare manager whose job it is to take the patient through the entire process, from explaining they processes and putting the patient in touch with the necessary and relevant doctor or medical professional, all the way through to post-operative care than may be required after any treatment.

One of GlobMed’s Co-Founders, David Soffer commented: “GlobMed has been set up to enable people from any background and any walk of life to access world-leading healthcare like never before. The NHS in the UK is fabulous, but under immense pressures through the last few years is over-burdened. GlobMed, in some capacity shoulders a portion of this burden and enables patients to access world-leading healthcare solutions and treatments like never before.

If a patient is in one country, but a world-leading surgeon for example is in another, why should that patient be unable to access what may otherwise be the best treatment and care in the world? GlobMed makes a world of truly borderless healthcare possible and enable medical professionals and clinics to focus on what they do best: treating and caring for patients form all walks of life.

Having been founded there, GlobMed is based in London and is expanding throughout Europe and the wider world, providing millions more people access to some of the best healthcare in the world.

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