Kallyss: Clever Lending for The Future

December 20, 2021

Kallyss is a US-based loans connection service set up in 2020 with the aim of helping Americans match with the best lenders for short term loans and finance available in the US market.

Based online and securely encrypted, the entire process through Kallyss, from loan application to the loan decision and ultimate approval (for successful applicants), Kallyss’ entire process is based online, unlike many other lenders in the USA. 

With a quick application form and clever technology feeding multiple data points into a decision engine, including loan amounts, personal details, state of residence and purpose of the loan required, it takes just a few minutes to get started and apply for a variety of short term loans with Kallyss.

Customers are able to borrow anywhere from $100 to $35,000 with Kallyss, enabling a large range of different people with different financial needs and in different financial positions to get started with Kallyss from the comfort of their own home, unlike other lenders in the US that are physically based in stores on high streets across different states.

Available in over 30 states in the USA including Texas, California and Ohio, Kallyss online service and offerings are accessible to people form all walks of life I the USA and from all different financial and personal backgrounds. From loans to cover applicants from payday to payday to cash advances and installment loans, the smart technology utilised by Kallyss allows applicants a range of products to apply for, no matter their credit score and history.

Kallyss founder Sam Davies said: “The covid pandemic in the USA and indeed around the world simply highlighted how important it is for short term finance options and loans to be available for all customers form all background wherever they are. Traditionally in the US, loans have had to be brokered or organized on the high street, with borrowers needing to go from store to store. 

“Kallyss allows and enables people from wherever they may come to consider different loan options like never before, in a secure and efficient way. Customers receive a quick decision on whatever financial product they apply for, empowering them to have a larger and wider choice, suited to their finances.”

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