How Should Social Media Be Used In Investor Relations?

November 30, 2021

How can you connect investor relations with social media? They both sound different but now IR professionals are changing this traditional approach.

The time we are living in is social media, so, it is becoming very popular, common, and beneficial. Initially, we were using social media for just meeting new people around the world, later on, we started connecting with people in our network. And now the scenario is completely changed, every user has a different purpose behind using social media.

Why Social Media Is Important For IR Professionals?

You will find that someone is using social media for personal use, but also some people are using it for business growth. Some people are trying to establish their brand image through social media. But what about Investor relations? Do you think that IR professionals need to use social media to build a powerful network? The Investor Relation Professional is always doing efforts to build a strong and profitable network. So, don’t you think that all of us can leverage the power of social media in investment relationships also? One can effectively communicate with investors with the help of various channels provided on different social media platforms.

Social media 'influencers' are an untapped client pool | International  Adviser

Before we go ahead with various tricks to use social media in IR, we need to know the importance of social media. Investor relationship professionals need to know the value of social media. Knowing this will help them know how social media can be used to interact more effectively with the investors.

 Understand The Power of Social Media In IR

Everyone out there is using social media, let it be an investor or a seeker, so you must be there to connect effectively with all of them. Investors are very active on social media, but they are not using all the platforms. So following tips will help you in this on how to use social media for IR.

 Ways To Use Social Media In Investor Relations

Following are some of the major benefits and how to utilize them to grow your network connecting with top investors. These ways are very helpful and most of the top IR professionals are using the same methods. We hope these ways would help you a lot in connecting with new investors.

#1. More Reach

When you are trying to connect with investors on social media, you will reach more prospects. There are many investors out there and you cannot reach all of them at once. So it is important to reach all of them through different channels. Investor relation managers or professionals have to use social networks to reach out to new investors every time.

 #2. Broad Network

Try to make your network broad on social media, no matter if you are connecting with an angel investor or just an entrepreneur. Anyone out there can be your investor, so keep yourself open and make your network broad.

 #3. Easy Communication

Make it easy for the investors to communicate with you. If you are connecting with them through LinkedIn, then you must be active on LinkedIn. Investors can message you anytime and you need to be active to reply to them as soon as possible.

 #4. More Discoverability

No matter for which brand or company you are trying to find investors, you will get more discoverability when you are using social media for investor relations. There are some platforms like LinkedIn that provide you with more search discoverability, it will help you get noticed by the investors, etc.

 #5. New Investors

Finding new investors is a difficult thing, however re-pitching a previous investor is also not that easy. But social media is always there to help you in this. New investors will be at your doorstep when you are making full use of your social media profiles in a professional way.

 #6. Easy Way To Pitch

You need to effectively communicate with investors so that you can pitch them perfectly. Before you pitch them, you need to know the personal mindset, behaviour, etc. of the investor. So social media helps you get to know more about the personal aspect of an investor’s life. It will make an easy way to pitch to new investors.

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