How to Market Your Content in a Foreign Language

November 30, 2021

If you want to reach more markets or take your business abroad, you must know how to market your content in a foreign language. Whilst you may think that it is as easy as translating your existing content into another language, there is a lot more to think about if you want your content to do well, and not offend. Being able to localise your keywords is only the start of it. You must be able to market your content specifically to the countries that you want to target. Below we look at how to make a start on this.


One of the most important things to do first is research your chosen country. You need to understand their cultures, how they do business, what sells well in that country, and any business rules or laws you have to follow. What is popular and sells your products in the UK could be very different to what sells your product in another country, such as China, for example. What they value as important, what they watch on TV, and what they eat, could all affect how well your product does, which is why marketing your content properly is so important.

Keep it Simple

If you are making an ad campaign or something for social media, you have to remember to keep your language simple and maintain a similar message no matter what language you want to market your content in. Most language translations will be longer when translated than the sentences are in English, so bear that in mind. Remember to use the right keywords or phrases so that you can strategize your SEO internationally.

Finding the Right Platform

Whilst the UK may be all about the big social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, this does not mean your content will work well on these sites if they are in another language. You must find out the best channels to put your content on, to ensure that it gets seen. Some countries use social media a lot less and you may be better targeting your content to an online forum or specific websites to reach more people. In Russia, the website is the most popular form of social media. In China, they have their own version of YouTube, known as YouKu.

Marketing Your Content in a Foreign Language

Knowing how to market your content in another language is one thing but finding the best way to do this is another. The best way to translate your content and market it at the same time in a foreign language is by using a translation such as Global Voices. This is a translation agency that can help you create a marketing strategy in another language, translate video or telephone calls, and create documents in other languages. Using a translation company such as this can also help greatly with marketing, as they have worked with large businesses and know the best language to use to target your audience.

Marketing your content in a foreign language takes a lot of research and understanding of the culture. Knowing the best platform to post on is another essential skill. Using a translation agency can help you with marketing your content in a foreign language.

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