How to Choose The Right Free VPN For Your Startup

Now that you’ve launched your first website, set up all your processes for your new startup, it’s time to prioritize your organization’s security.

The modern age startup is already facing many dilemmas. Data security is one of them. Luckily, we do have tools like free VPNs that can protect your data.

Now people can function without worrying about privacy. As per GIA, during these uncertain times, the VPN global market was estimated to hit $32.2 billion in 2020. At the same time, it is predicted to reach a size of $77.1 billion by 2026.

The numbers are fascinating, and that’s the reason we will delve deeper into why VPNs are a must for a startup?

What is a VPN?

A VPN protects your data, maintains your anonymity, and allows you to access geographic-based blocked content. Whether you’re a startup, a functioning business, or a person who wants to use a VPN for personal use, a Top rated VPN service can extend a private network. It helps you to send and receive data securely across the internet.

Why Do Startups Need a VPN?

As per, the United States has the most significant number of startups (63,703). With such a whopping amount, every early age startup has got a lot on its plate.

A VPN can assist you in all your processes, from storing data to guarding privacy.

  • Protect Your Information

Protecting your data for an early-stage startup is hard sometimes. A VPN can easily route your connection through a different server. It allots you a new IP address like

More importantly, it encrypts your connection using powerful software. This makes your traffic untraceable and your data secured.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re handling business data or customer data; a VPN connection can help you deal with all the repercussions of data breaches.

  • Bypass Restriction and Filters

Most VPN providers host VPN servers all across the world. Maybe your new startup is remotely located, and your staff needs to share, fetch and store information from different locations of the world.

A VPN connection within your organization can help you trick the hackers and snoopers like government officials. Since now, your IP address has been changed. So your real location will be hidden, and you can bypass and access any geo-restriction website, app, or content.

  • Safe File Sharing

A secure VPN connection can pass your data securely between you and your organization’s servers. It is encrypted so that no one can read your data or try to hack them. Your employees can easily download, share and virtually transfer data from anywhere.

It removes any third-party interception of downloads. It’s impossible even to detect that some files were shared.

  • Reduce Downtime

Your new startup website is up. But somehow, your customers are finding it difficult to stay on your pages due to its loading time.

With a good VPN connection, your page loading time can be increased. A VPN can undoubtedly lower your ping. It does this by sending data packets through direct routes. This helps your data to flow more freely with low ping.

What To Look In a Free VPN?

As per Forbes, there are more than 400 million hotspots all across the world.

Also, 60% of all cellular traffic is being offloaded to Wi-Fi. This practically means that hackers are aware of all those hotspots, specifically public Wi-Fi. And these connections are now breeding grounds for unprotected users.

Recently Active Cyber Security Investors and venture capitalists are becoming aware of VPN usage. Startups that use VPN for protection are grabbing interest from the new VCs in the town.

Here are the reasons why VPN should be your first investment if you’re a new startup:

  • Maximum Connection Speed

Slow connection isn’t acceptable for new business processes.

Hence, it’s important to choose a VPN service with a maximum connection speed. If your ISP provides you with a VPN equipped to handle all your organizational data, your employees will never face server crash issues.

This also means that no third party can throttle your private connection.

  • DNS Leak Protection

A DNS or a domain name system translates your IP address into different domain names. On the other hand, a DNS leak is a process where your web browser’s DNS requests are sent to your ISP’s DNS server. This makes your data vulnerable since now your ISP can eavesdrop on private organizational data.

A VPN prepares a private tunnel between your computer and your Internet. This encrypted tunnel makes it difficult for any third party to access your content.

  • Unlimited Data Transmission

An early startup has a copious amount of data to share, store and distribute. It can be for customer data or future campaigns.

You don’t want to be limited in the amount of data that you can transfer. Whether you utilize 10 GB of data per month or 1 GB, your VPN must have unlimited bandwidth.

You can access n number of content without worrying about bandwidth or data transmission each month.

  • A VPN Kill Switch

A kill switch is a tool that cuts off all Internet access on your device whenever your VPN server drops due to some technical issues.

This is a must feature for a genuine VPN service. As a startup, sometimes, you might experience connectivity issues to a VPN server. With a kill switch feature, your entire traffic will be stopped until you can properly reconnect to the VPN server.


There are many uses of VPN that can benefit your new startup. Protecting your company by taking small steps can help you in the long run.

Despite the amount of work a startup has to do, security and privacy should be priorities. And using a VPN can take that stress out by encrypting all your data and allowing secured sharing.

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