Innovative Guangzhou Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry

February 7, 2024

In the buzzing city of Guangzhou, digitization and manufacturing have intersected in remarkable ways, giving birth to some of the most interesting startups in the 3D Printing industry. Having thrived amidst the pressures of the global pandemic, these businesses have emerged in 2020 and later, reshaping how we think about 3D printing applications. From health and medicine to consumer goods, the utilisation of these technologies is surpassing the boundaries of what was thought possible.

The Guangdong province, with Guangzhou at its heart, is not only the third biggest city in China but also an economic powerhouse, concreting its status as a technological hub for innovative entrepreneurs. These 3D printing startups are part of a blossoming ecosystem that combines hardware, software, IoT and AI, individually contributing a piece to the larger digital manufacturing puzzle.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on each of these groundbreaking businesses, with emphasis on their bios, descriptions, and their role in the 3D printing industry. All the company names given below are clickable and will direct you to their respective websites.


Founded by Heyuan Huang and Peiyan Gui, HeyGears is an innovation-driven 3D technology company. Primarily focusing on the integration of hardware, software, material science, IoT and AI, HeyGears provides intelligent manufacturing solutions and high-quality 3D printed products to B-end customers while servicing C-end customers. They’re extending their customer base, already spread in 10+ countries, into America, Europe, and Asia.


Despite an absence of founders’ data and online website, Ultracraft continues making its name in the robust 3D printing industry of Guangzhou.


Another 3D printing industry standout is the Yangming manufacturing company. Having Ziyu Chen as one of its founders, Yangming essentially works in the 3D printing and industrial manufacturing sector.


Dedicating to the manufacturing of commercial kitchen equipment, Vesta owes its reputation to the massive 400 product range it provides to various organizations, including bars and government agencies. It has even serviced the Beijing Olympic Games and is an official kitchen products provider for many countries.


Being a professional automotive design, modeling and manufacturing company, Seal has its roots deeply embedded in the 3D Technology and Automotive industry since 2003. Located in the scenic Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Economic Zone, Seal has dedicated its energy towards the development of the Chinese auto industry.

Deed 3D

Offering 3D printed sample services via color photosensitive resin, Deed 3D is streamlining the customer development process. Its online inquiry form is easily reachable on the company site.

Winbo Smart Tech

Established as an R&D high-tech enterprise, Winbo Smart Tech is working to revolutionize the 3D printers, smart production lines, and 3D printing materials space. They also provide 2D personalized products and 3D printing services on a 2D / 3D maker platform.

Leijia Additive Technology

Leijia Additive Technology is another significant player in the industry, headquartered in Guangzhou and actively engaged in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing sector.

Hua Tai 3D

Underpinned by the guiding principle of import substitution and led by Xianwen Zhu, Hua Tai 3D is the epitome of innovation. The company is making strides in the field of orthopedic surgical tools and metal implants through their advanced manufacturing methods and 3D Printing technologies.


Based in Guangzhou, Borlee is industriously contributing to the 3D Printing, 3D Technology, and Manufacturing industry, steadfast in its commitment to developing top-notch 3D printed products for its customers.

Aoshi Zhineng

Committed to 3D Printing, E-Commerce, and Hardware, Aoshi Zhineng, led by founder Feng Cao, is demonstrating the boundless potentials of 3D Printing innovations within Guangzhou’s thriving startup arena.

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