Exploring Munich-Based Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry

February 7, 2024

Munich, the capital of Bayern, Germany is acknowledged for its rich heritage, vibrant culture, and significant contributions to science and technology. As a thriving hub of innovation and technology, Munich has been astounding the world with breakthroughs in various industries. The 3D printing industry, which promises a vast potential and growth, has seen a flourishing of startups especially incepted in or after 2020 in this city. As we examine these startups, their visions, and the impact they are making, it becomes apparent how much 3D printing technology is evolving in Munich, Germany.

The breadth of the 3D printing marketplace in Munich spans over different sectors such as health care, manufacturing, product design, machine learning, software, medical devices, and sustainable packaging. A wealth of creative startups has sprung in this space to reinvent how products are designed, developed and delivered to consumers. These companies redefine engineering, transform healthcare, revolutionize the manufacturing process, and contribute to sustainability.

As we explore these Munich startups, we dive into how they leverage 3D printing technology to offer groundbreaking solutions. We provide an insight into the founders behind these companies, their vital contribution to their respective industries, and how they are reshaping the future. Without further ado, let’s immerse ourselves in Munich’s vibrant 3D printing startup ecosystem.


Founded by Lin Kayser and Michael Gallo, Hyperganic is ushering in a radical shift in engineering. They leverage artificial intelligence and 3D printing to create advanced, efficient, and sustainable parts, structures, and entire machines. Hyperganic aims to solve humanity’s biggest challenges, and they are doing so through their revolutionary approach to product design and manufacturing. Stay updated with their activities on LinkedIn and Twitter @linkayser.


Mecuris, founded by Felix Gundlack, Frank Preuss, Jannis Breuninger, and Manuel Opitz, aims at revolutionizing the medical sector with digitally manufactured Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P) solutions. They empower the professionals in the sector to design patient-specific aids by merging digital technology, 3D printing, medical knowledge and patient data. Interact with Mecuris on their Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter @mecuris.


With its roots in cleanroom technology, Kumovis develops 3D printers targeted at the medical technology industry. The founders, Alexander Henhammer, Dr. Miriam Haerst, Sebastian Pammer, and Stefan Fischer, are combining technology with healthcare accessibility in this innovative venture. Follow Kumovis on LinkedIn.


Entrepreneurs Alexandre Guérin, Andrei Mituca, and Antoine Jeol founded 3dTrust to facilitate the integration of 3D printing in company supply chains. 3dTrust anticipates the future where goods are shared as digital files till they are locally produced by equipped customers, partners, or subsidiaries. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn and Twitter @3dTrust.

All3dp GmbH

All3dp operates Craftcloud, a leading online 3D printing & price comparison service. Accompanied by All3DP.com, the largest online magazine on 3D printing, founders Anatol Locker, Mathias Plica, and Stefan Schwarz-Ulrich capitalized on the booming 3D printing industry. Catch them on Facebook and Twitter @All3DP.


Blizzident, the innovator of individually tailored, 3D-printed 3D-Toothbrush and 3D-Flosser, is revolutionizing oral hygiene. They’ve mastered the art of creating custom-fit oral care products using 3D printing technology. Follow Blizzident via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @blizzident.


Founded by Laura Haberkorn and Sandra Tennemann, Suprtrue offers sustainable packaging solutions using 3D mockup previews. With their user-friendly online shop, they provide customized packaging designs with transparency in pricing while meeting ecological standards. Connect with Suprtrue on LinkedIn.


Wamungo is a community-focused platform designed as an open forum for makers, enthusiasts, and users to freely exchange data, designs, concepts, and ideas in 3D printing and related domains. Stay updated with Wamungo via their Facebook page and Twitter @wamungo3dprint.


KL TECHNIK specializes in rapid technologies and small-series production, skillfully scaling from model making to becoming a series supplier. As well as offering comprehensive advisory services, they also provide training in various professions. Catch them on Facebook.


Interposers provides an essential technology enabling industrial production of 3D semiconductor devices using suitable printing processes and conductive nanotints. As mobile electronics demand higher form factors, Interposers steps in with a technologically advanced solution.


Founded by Mike Riegler, CDS has been providing full-service solutions for scanning, archiving, digital printing, advertising technology, and mail services since 1993. The company utilizes the latest technology to deliver high-quality services and satisfy customers across the nation. Connect with CDS on LinkedIn.

The above startups showcase the diverse and innovative applications of 3D Printing technology across various sectors in Munich. As these companies continue to grow, we can expect that they will redefine their respective industries and bring more revolutionary contributions to the 3D Printing technology.

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