Pittsburgh-Based Startups Revolutionizing The 3D Printing Industry Landscape

February 7, 2024

Within the constantly evolving and innovative landscape of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one particular industry that is currently making waves is 3D Printing. This relatively new technology has revolutionized a wide range of sectors, from manufacturing to retail, and there is a slew of new startups that have cropped up in 2020, harnessing the power of 3D printing to create new business models and change the way we do things. Whether it’s creating personalized toys or customizing tools, the following startups are some of the ones to watch.

PieceMaker Technologies

Founded by Alejandro Sklar and Arden Rosenblatt, PieceMaker Technologies brings the wonder of 3D printing to the retail sector. Through its Factory, PieceMaker provides a firsthand experience of 3D printing to anyone who walks into a store. With a few simple steps, customers can create a personalized toy or jewelry, which is then created right before their eyes. You can follow them on Facebook and Linkedin, and keep up-to-date with their latest updates on @piecemakertech.

Leaf Shave Co.

In the manufacturing sector, Adam Hahn and Adam Simone’s startup, Leaf Shave Co. implements 3D printing. More information about the company can be obtained through their social media pages: Facebook and @leafshave.

Climatech, Inc.

Mitchel Taback founded Climatech, Inc., a company that blends 3D Printing, CRM, Information Technology and Manufacturing. There is more about the firm on its social media platforms Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Retouch 3D

Retouch 3D’s variable heat technology works with a variety of 3D materials. Ideal for designing objects of any size, this startup also lets you keep in touch via their social media channels. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Gohrs on Demand

Fulfillment firm Gohrs on Demand, founded by Ken Menale, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services to help its clients navigate challenges of product receiving, inventory management, order fulfillment, and delivery logistics. The company uses the latest advances in 3D Printing, Customer Service, Delivery, and Logistics. Check out their LinkedIn page here.

The Future Interfaces Group

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Future Interfaces Group is a branch inside the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University that produces sensing and interface technologies. They possess a futuristic lab fitted with state-of-the-art equipment including a large CNC milling machine, several 3D printers, laser cutter, vacuum former, saws, drills, sanders and a variety of hand tools.


XACTIX designs, develops, and distributes equipment for the manufacturing of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The company’s products support chambers, maintaining gas distribution, and other functions necessary for releasing MEMS devices.

Krohmaly’s Printing

Krohmaly’s Printing offers specific and tailored printing services for both indoor and outdoor signs. In addition to parking signs, political signs, banners, brochures, business cards, newsletters, envelopes, and color copies, they offer letterheads, typesetting, and other printing-related items.

Trust-Franklin Press

Trust-Franklin Press offers a wide array of services for digital printing, color printing, pocket folders, flyers, invitations, banners, business forms, catalogs, envelopes, and more. You can follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.


GaDova provides design services and specializes in electrical engineering, software design, industrial design engineering, precision milling, rf testing, micro-controller design, and industrial 3D printing. Find out more on their LinkedIn page and follow them on Facebook here and on Twitter @ga_dova.


Last but not least, BoXZY is a startup that has created a desktop makerspace that combines a 3D printer, a CNC mill, and a laser cutter- all with interchangeable heads. Let’s check their activities on Linkedin, Facebook and on Twitter @boxzycnc

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