San Francisco’s Innovative Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Landscape

January 29, 2024

The 3D Printing industry has skyrocketed, with the inception of startups creating an avenue for the inception and implementation of new technologies in the 3D printing realm. These startups, although in a relatively nascent stage, have shown remarkable potential and prospects for growth in the industry. They have kept their focus on not only advancing, but also diversifying their offerings in 3D technology. In this article, we will highlight ten such startups with their inception in 2020 or later and are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

These startups span across various sectors, diversifying their offering of 3D printing technology solutions to the industries, sectors, and individuals they cater to. Each company is unique in its method of utilising 3D technology; some companies operate in the software realm, developing advanced CAD tools for designers, others use 3D printing for hardware manufacturing for mass production applications, and some companies run services that utilise 3D scanning for game and app development, video production, and audio production services.

Despite their differences in operations, each startup mentioned in this article shares a common denominator leveraging 3D technology to revolutionise the world as we know it, in one way or another. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these companies.


Established to make 3D printing accessible to more creators, Kodama is a startup that’s passionate about 3D printing and creating delightful user experiences. They have developed a modular-structured 3D printer that is easy to assemble, significantly reducing production costs by minimising the number of components needed. Made of metal and high-grade parts, Kodama brings industry-grade printing to homes.


3DGrounds is a team of professionals specialising in services for the Tech and Entertainment Industries. The company offers 3D scanning, full colour 3D Printing, HDR photography, game and app development, video production for events, and audio production services.


Being the world’s first-ever operating system for 3D printers is a unique and impressive title that 3DPrinterOS holds. The company provides a cloud-based 3D printing management platform to prepare, fix, securely store, and stream 3D designs to 3D printers.

Savvy Society

Savvy Society enables retail customers to design and add custom embroidery, embossing, or 3D printed elements to products using their interactive 3D platform Strypes. Retailers can embed the platform in e-commerce sites or use Strypes on in-store tablets.


Dreamforge believes in the transformative power of 3D printing on our relationship with the products and items we use. They are committed to manifesting their beliefs through the products they build.


In response to the costly and low-quality 3D printing market, UCreate3D was created to bring unique and personal products to consumers worldwide through 3D printing. Their approach to on-demand 3D printing is reshaping the future of retail and consumer behaviour.

Virtual Gallerie

To educate and entertain the aesthetic community, VirtualGallerie creates 3D virtual galleries that clients can use to design, plan, and publish their exhibitions online. They are also helping students learn the art of curation.


Seriforge is automating carbon fiber fabrication for mass production applications with their general-purpose, automated machines that build complex carbon fiber parts directly from CAD models.


Trnio turns your iPhone into a 3D scanner, combined with a 3D content sharing and social networking service to provide users a platform where they can easily create, consume, and share 3D content.


Brahma3 builds powerful, high resolution, gorgeous 3D printers that are changing the landscape of hardware manufacturing.

Far Fetched Creations

Founded by Evgenia Valieva and Greg Perkins, Far Fetched Creations is emerging as a strong entity in the 3D printing industry with numerous promising projects in the pipeline.

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