Spotlight on New York’s Pioneering Startups in 3D Printing Industry

January 29, 2024

When we think about startups that are reshaping industries, 3D printing businesses surely come high on that list. The technology is transforming everything from biotech to education, and there are some particularly exciting names that emerged in the heart of the Big Apple in 2020. In this article, we’re shining a light on some of these innovative startups from New York that are making waves in the 3D printing industry.

New York has always been a hive of industry and creativity and this wave of startups is no exception. These companies are quickly carving out niches and standing as leaders in the realm of 3D printing technology. From 3D modeling software providers to companies creating 3D-printed medical implants, the range is vast and impressive.

What makes these startups stand out is their commitment to innovation and disruption, combined with their geographical position in one of the world’s startup capitals. Here, we introduce a selection of New York-based 3D printing startups founded in 2020 that are causing real excitement and promise great things for the future of the industry.


Based in New York, Morphi is a versatile software that allows designers to create STL files for 3D printing. Apart from 3D printing, the software also finds applications in fields like augmented reality, virtual reality, stop-motion animation, and visualization. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


BioSapien is a fascinating startup based in New York, developing implantable products that deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for oncology indications with reduced systemic side effects. Their 3D-printed MediChip has potential applications in various cancers, including pancreatic and lung cancer. You can follow them on LinkedIn.


SelfCAD is a browser-based 3D modeling software that allows users to model, sculpt, and print models all under one program. The software has numerous tools for easy and advanced modeling and a built-in slicer for preparing models for printing. Find them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Black Buffalo 3D

Black Buffalo 3D is dedicated to sustainable 3D construction and related supplies and services. This impressive startup was founded in 2020 by Dae-Sun Chung, and is pushing boundaries in 3D construction printing technology. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Mixee Labs

Providing a platform for designers to create customizable products and sell them online, Mixee Labs is transforming the world of e-commerce. They’re making 3D printing technology available for everyone with their customization tool. Check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts for their latest updates.


SOLS focuses on leveraging computer vision and machine learning to improve the fit and function of footwear. Their medical-grade 3D printed orthotics and customer insoles show the potential of 3D printing technology in the medical and fashion fields. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


A startup well-worth noting for their collaboration with designers in manufacturing on-demand 3D printed objects – KWAMBIO is paving the way for designers and customers alike by offering unique items in ceramic and metal. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Kids Creation Station

Kids Creation Station offers a unique service: converting your child’s artwork into life-like 3D creations. This startup beautifully combines technology and creativity. Stay updated with their projects on Facebook and Twitter.

Make Mode

Make Mode, a 3D printing startup specializing in manufacturing and product design, uses technology to shape reality. With their services, concept becomes tangible. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


OTHR is aiming high and seeking to create the largest library of branded 3D Printing I.P. for the homewares industry, demonstrating the sweeping potential of 3D printing tech. Keep up with their latest endeavors on Facebook and Twitter.

Print Parts Inc.

Finally, Print Parts Inc. offers additive manufacturing services and prototype parts on demand. Their customers range from defense contractors to small businesses, proving the versatility of 3D printing technology. Track their latest news on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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