Spotlight on Miami-Based Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Sphere

February 6, 2024

In recent years, the rise of 3D printing enterprises has garnered considerable attention around the world. This industry, which marries technology and design, represents an intriguing intersection of creativity and practicality. Notably, the city of Miami, Florida, has seen a substantial growth in this sector, with a host of new startups arriving on the scene. These companies, launched in 2020 or later, demonstrate the innovative spirit of this coastal city, contributing to a landscape that marries technology, the arts, and manufacturing.

This piece will delve into some of these promising Miami-based startups, shedding light on their industries, founders and unique offerings. All these companies share a passion for revolutionizing their respective sectors and challenging the traditional boundaries of product design and manufacturing. The insights here will be particularly relevant to entrepreneurs, investors and anyone keen to stay at forefront of technological innovation.

These startups also highlight Miami’s strategic value as a launchpad for tech enterprises. Their varied profiles – spanning multiple sectors from Artificial Intelligence to Publishing – underscore the city’s diverse and vibrant business environment. With its thriving culture of innovation, Miami is a fitting backdrop for these pioneering enterprises to leave their mark in 3D Printing and beyond.


Focusing on the use of exponential technologies like the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing, Rokk3r is a startup co-founded by Brian Sanchez, Charles Irizarry, German Montoya, and Juan Montoya. This platform for entrepreneurs aims to create startups that perform at least 10x greater than competitors. Leveraging collective global genius, it partners with investors and organizations to increase value, mitigate risks and stay at the cutting edge of innovation. Rokk3r’s portfolio already boasts of more than 30 companies. Connect with them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Vlad Usov, Gutenbergz is a digital publishing house that crosses the boundary between beautiful design, educational data, and augmented reality with interactivity. They create unique “book-apps” filled with interactive pages, original music, and secret discoveries. Their most renowned project to date is “The adventure of Sherlock Holmes”.


Box USA operates in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing industry. While the startup is relatively new to the scene, its contributions to the industry have been significant. You can get updates about their progress on their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter.


3DChimera is a company that sells 3D scanning and printing technology as well as consulting services. With the aim to bridge the gap between material makers, 3D printer manufacturers, and real-world applications, their technical team provides 3D printing, 3D scanning, and product design expertise. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

Colonial Press

Specializing in the 3D Printing, Advertising, Manufacturing, and Printing industry, Colonial Press is another great addition to Miami’s startup scene. You can find out more about their projects and progress on their LinkedIn page.

Ramcom International

Operating in the 3D Printing, Electronics, Hardware, and Wholesale sector, Ramcom International seeks to bring innovation and change into the industry. Stay tuned to their website for their latest updates.

Solo Printing

Solo Printing offers a wide range of binding and finishing services, betting high on its technology to provide top-notch service, contributing to Miami’s manufacturing industry on a large scale. Check out their pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Anton Lebedev and Sergei Zelinsky, Glassarium is a glass design team that specializes in cutting edge German-engineered laser technology for ‘inner’ custom glass engraving and cutting. Visit them on their Facebook page for more info.

Quadco Printing and Signs

The team at Quadco Printing and Signs are capable of handling everything from simple copying to full-color production. Their services include wide-format printing, full-color printing, digital high-speed copying, binding and finishing, marketing collateral, USB, CD, and DVD duplication, advertising specialties, and 3D printing. Follow them on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

PK Graphics

PK Graphics operates in the 3D Printing, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, Printing, and Product Design industries. They aim to push the boundary of creativity and practical application. Check out their social media — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Finally, Printelf is a startup with a prime focus in the 3D Printing, Printing, and Web Design field. Stay updated with their latest announcements on Twitter.

With such an impressive array of startups, it is evident that Miami’s 3D printing scene is thriving. The city is indeed a promising hub for startups, technologists, and innovators alike. Whether it’s digital publishing, glass engraving, or advertising, these startups provide a unique take on how 3D printing technology can revolutionize various industries.

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