Starting Up A Courier Business in 2021: 6 Things To Consider

May 15, 2021

With figures showing that online shopping has been at an all-time high since the COVID-19 pandemic first began, there’s never been more of a demand for Courier businesses. This is great news for if you’ve been thinking of starting one, since increased online shopping habits mean you have an increased likelihood of getting more courier customers.

Before you jump headfirst into your new courier business, here are some things you should consider when starting up:

Use Reliable Vehicles

While reliable vehicles often come with a heftier price tag, it’s worth it in the long run. As a courier service, your whole business objective is to transport goods from one place to another, so it’s essential that your vehicles are up to scratch.

The type of vehicle you use depends on what goods you’re planning on delivering. Larger items will probably require a van or at the very least a car, while goods such as food can be delivered using a car, or even bikes or motorbikes.

Take Out The Correct Insurance

Once you’ve found yourself a reliable vehicle, you want to make sure it’s protected with courier insurance for your vehicle. Courier insurance is available for any vehicle type, with cars and vans being the most popular. Not only do you need to cover yourself for any traffic or road accidents, but it’s also essential that the goods you’re delivering are covered as well; in case somebody was to break into your van, for example.

When looking for insurance, it pays to shop around, so you should check out comparison sites like Quotezone. They offer quotes from UK insurance providers to help you find a great deal for your courier van insurance– so that you can relax in knowing that you have the best possible cover.

Make Sure You Have Space

Many courier businesses will require some space for storing parcels before they’re sent out for delivery. Even just an empty room in your house should be enough for when you’re just starting out, but if your living space is small, you might want to consider hiring out an area for storage.

Register Your Business

Before you begin trading, it’s essential that you legally register your business so that you’re not accidentally dodging any tax. You’ll also need to have a registered business before doing many other business-related things, such as opening a business bank account.

Open A Business Bank Account

Business bank accounts usually cost a small amount of money each month (we’re talking about a couple of pounds) but they normally come with lots of benefits. Owning a business bank account is a great way to keep your business’ accounting records organised and makes your company seem more professional, amongst other things.

Decide What Delivery Options To Offer

It’s completely your choice what delivery options you have available, from a standard courier service to next day- or even same day- delivery. The more flexible your courier service is, the more likely people are to choose your service- though you will probably want to take on a reasonable number of staff if you plan on being more flexible.

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