The Best Orthopaedic Desk Chairs With Fantastic Neck Support To Combat Neck Pain

Buying the right office chair can make your neck pain a thing of the past!

Being comfortable at your desk is important. Caring for your body all day at work is important and you can’t do that without the right desk chair. Sitting in a cheap chair that is not made for your comfort can be really hard on your body and can lead to all kinds of discomforts. Neck pain is not always directly linked to your office chair, but it can definitely be the underlying reason for your discomfort.

If you have been worried about your comfort and have been dealing with some neck pain, you might need to upgrade the chair that you are sitting in. Caring for your body is really important and you should not cut corners when picking your office chair for this reason. If you want to prevent neck pain or improve the neck pain that you have been dealing with, you need to use this guide to get the right chair.

If you are ready to get a chair that will take care of your neck, you need to use this guide for your next chair purchase.

Product Comparison Table: Best Desk Chair for Neck Pain

Rating (Amazon)
Best in class
5.0 stars
Best product
4.5 stars
Best value product
5.0 stars
Best headrest
4.0 stars
Best for beginners
5.0 stars
Best for small business

Best Desk Chair for Neck Pain

Neck pain can impact your ability to work and can make your days difficult in many different ways. You will want to attend to your neck pain by making sure that your chair is supporting your back properly. Having the right office chair on your side can make every day much more enjoyable and productive when you are at work.

Flash Furniture High-Back Chair

Product summary: If you have been dealing with neck pain, you will want to pick up this chair for your needs. This is a high-backed chair that offers quality neck and shoulder support. The mesh back will keep you cool and the soft and the durable seat will keep your hips and lower back comfortable all day long.

This chair rolls readily and is very adjustable. This chair meets BIFMA standards and it is made to last. This is a very nice chair that is sold for a great price.


  • High back
  • Adjustable neck support
  • Rolls smoothly


  • Might not have a wide enough seat for taller people
  • Mid Back support might be too high for shorter people


If you want to attend to your neck pain with ease, this chair can help you to do just that. You will be able to roll easily in this chair and you will love the soft and supportive seat in this chair. This chair is sold for a great price and you will be comfortable all day long in it while you work.

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Hylone Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Product summary: Office chair that supports your neck can be hard to find but this high-backed chair will take care of your neck and shoulders with ease. This is a great choice for full back support and you will love the soft and durable seat cushion. This is a really great chair for your comfort and you will love the 360 degree rolling wheels that allow you to move around without struggle.

The flip-up armrests are great because you can move them if you do not want to use them or flip them down if you are feeling like leaning back or resting your head. This is a great chair for full back support and you will love how well this chair holds up to daily use.


  • Full back support
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Smooth-rolling and tilting


  • Chair seat can be a little fluffy for some people
  • Might not fit very short people well


Mesh office chairs can feel cheap and might impact your lumbar support with other chairs. That is not the case with this chair. You will get the benefit of great construction as well as smooth-rolling when you pick this chair for your home office needs.

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Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Desk Chair 

Product summary: This chair is made with a really nice headrest that will take care of your comfort needs when you are sitting up or leaning back. The shoulder support is excellent as well and you will be able to adjust the lower back support as needed too. Being in the right position all day long is important for neck care and this chair offers you the chance to sit correctly for all of your working hours.

The backrest is a big part of what makes this chair work well for neck support and the durable and soft seat is a big factor in your all-day comfort. The waterfall edge design of the cushion makes this a great choice for shorter people as well as those who are a more average height.


  • Waterfall cushion
  • Quality headrest
  • Very ergonomic


  • Cushion can offer a little too much angle for some people
  • Can be a little noisy when it rolls


If you have been looking for a great headrest in your office chair, this is a really nice choice to make. This chair is made for full-back support and you will find that you can adjust this chair in any way that you need to get the right fit for your comfort and to support your neck. The waterfall cushion makes this chair very comfortable and easy to roll around in all day long.

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NOBLEWELL Office Chair Ergonomic Office Chair 

Product summary: This chair has an S-shaped back and you will get a well-made and soft seat in this chair as well. The overall shape of this chair makes staying in the right seated position easy. You will not feel like you have to struggle to reach your desk and you will have no trouble rolling around in this chair to reach things.

This chair is really easy to assemble and you will love how quietly it rolls around. You will get all the right comfort features from this chair and you will love that you do not have to struggle to get the adjustments right with this chair.


  • highly-adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality seat cushion


  • The armrests flex a little too much for some people
  • Some people don’t prefer mesh backs on their chair


This is a great chair to pick for your needs if you want to have access to lots of adjustments for your comfort. The breathable back is a big help to keep you cool and you will love that the seat will hold up to lots of hours of use without pressing down flat. This chair is easy to assemble and you will be comfortable in it right away. The lower back support is better in this chair than many others at this price point and you will be able to take care of your whole body with ease with this chair.

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NOUHAUS +Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair

Product summary: If you have been looking for a great ergonomic chair for your work hours you need to pick this chair. The soft and durable support of this chair is perfect for your all-day comfort and you will be able to adjust this chair in as many ways as you need to in order to be comfortable. The armrests flip up to get them out of the way and you can choose your lumbar support for your unique needs.

Being able to support your neck means that you need to be sitting properly all day long. This chair will offer superior ergonomic support and durable materials that will not lose their shape over time.


  • Great support for your back and neck
  • Soft and comfortable padding
  • Durable and well-made chair


  • Might not adjust short enough for smaller people
  • The seat might be too flat for some people


This is a well-made chair that offers superior design for long-term comfort. You will get great lumbar support with this chair and you will love that it is so well-crafted. Being comfortable all day long requires quality construction and this chair is really well-made.

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Taking Care of Neck Pain With the Right Office Chair is Easy

When you take care of your body each day, you will have more productive work days and much less pain to deal with. Neck pain can lead to headaches and migraines as well as lower back pain. You will have a much better experience every day in your home office if you have a quality chair that takes care of your body correctly.

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