Things Customers Don’t Want To See in Medical Advertising

April 7, 2023
Things Customers Don’t Want To See in Medical Advertising

Advertisements shouldn’t be scary for viewers. Many potential customers react negatively to ads for three reasons: the ad takes too long, it uses too many scare tactics, and it doesn’t hook them right away. You can avoid wasting money on low-performing ads by being mindful of the content you produce.

Take a look at these four things customers don’t want to see in medical advertising. Noting these examples will save you from scaring your audience away.

Too Much Humor

Humor is not a bad thing, but using too much could come off as offensive and unnecessary. While some companies could get away with a dose of humor, not every business should use this approach. It’s essential to stay serious yet casual in your marketing. You want the promotions to speak like the viewer is talking to a friend.

A powerful advertisement—including ones in the health field—needs to downplay humor, especially for older audiences. For example, if you advertise a child’s medication, it may be OK to have light comedy, but humor is always difficult to make work in medical marketing.

Scare Tactics

It is essential to hook your viewer—the first few moments are crucial, but that doesn’t mean you should shock viewers by delivering a scary statistic. Fear tactics may produce results in other industries, but it doesn’t belong in the medical advertisement world.

Scare tactics could range from depictions of overdosing to scenes of paramedics attempting to resuscitate a victim. Keep scare tactics out of your commercials and other digital materials to ensure your audience enjoys your content.

Medical Jargon

Getting to know your audience is one of several useful biotech content marketing strategies. Let’s say you’re targeting a new medical device for young adults; one of the things you would do to ensure your audience finds you is to use less medical jargon. Even investors hate the use of medical terminology, but young adults can find it especially off-putting.

Unless you’re conducting a case study for scientists, many will have a hard time understanding the point of your ad. Using medical jargon could make a viewer feel incapable of understanding what your medication or device is about. Keep your language simple so that it’s easy to follow and engage with.

Hard-To-Believe Health Information

It’s unsafe to broadcast an ad with health information without research to back up the claims you make. Over the years, there has been a waterfall of misinformation spread online regarding health problems and how to treat them. The misinformation spreads like wildfire. Avoid citing these resources without first asking real doctors and other medical professionals.

Knowing these mistakes to avoid in medical advertising allows you to craft medical device or treatment ads that customers will appreciate. The medical field is large and filled with many professionals awaiting a product like yours. Start developing your marketing strategy today; your carefully crafted ad could be the key to what helps a customer or physician decide how to approach a condition.

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