Tips To Keep Your Trash Compactor From Rusting

September 25, 2023
Tips To Keep Your Trash Compactor From Rusting

Trash compactors are essential to countless businesses. They help workers manage waste and reduce the frequency of trash disposal. However, these machines are prone to rusting, which can affect their functionality and pose safety risks.

Rust can weaken a trash compactor’s structure and contaminate the trash, leading to unpleasant odors and unsanitary conditions. These tips to keep your trash compactor from rusting can keep your equipment in top shape.

Implement a Rigorous Cleaning Schedule

Trash compactors must be ready to go at all times because they are in constant use. Therefore, establishing a strict cleaning schedule can prevent malfunctions like jams. After each use, clean and sanitize the interior and exterior surfaces of the compactor. You can power wash it with a mild detergent for quick results, but you’ll have to let it dry completely before using it again. A cleaning regimen can prevent the buildup of contaminants that contribute to rust inside and outside of the machinery.

Apply Rust Inhibitor

Consider investing in a professional-grade rust inhibitor for industrial equipment. Inhibitors offer protection against rust and corrosion, which is ideal for businesses with heavy compactor usage. Before applying the inhibitor, thoroughly clean and dry the compactor. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, and reapply as needed to protect the machinery.

Conduct Inspections and Maintenance

Regular inspections are essential for detecting rust and other issues. Assign this responsibility to a reliable employee, or hire a professional technician for routine check-ups. Quickly address any signs of rust by removing it if possible or applying a rust converter. Investing in balers that can withstand bad weather is a viable solution.

Control Humidity and Ventilation

If your compactor is indoors, you should place it in a well-ventilated area to prevent rusting. Humidity can accelerate rust formation, so installing dehumidifiers in the area will lower moisture levels. Controlling these environmental factors is important for businesses with compactors in damp or enclosed spaces. For outdoor compactors, ensure they are protected from extreme weather conditions.

Utilize Industrial Compactor Bags

Use industrial-grade compactor bags for your compactor. These bags contain durable materials that resist moisture and prevent liquids from coming in contact with the compactor’s metal surfaces. Compactor bags can minimize the risk of rust caused by spills or leaks from waste.

Preventing rust on your trash compactor is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring safe waste disposal. These tips can help you protect your investment, simplify waste management, and prevent costly repairs.

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