What Is a Gaming Bean Bag Chair?

October 13, 2021

Due to the increase in popularity that video gaming has experienced over the last several decades, people are more reliant than ever on having comfortable and supportive seating for them to immerse themselves in another world for hours on end. Thus, the likes of console gaming chairs and bean bag chairs have increased hugely in their popularity and use amongst those who game as well as those who don’t.

The first chairs to be adapted for gaming specifically were very similar to those of a conventional office. However, where the adapted office chair was used before, bean bags have now become the better option for gamers.

Bean bags have evolved to become a staple of the avid gamer’s setup. These bean bags have been designed specifically for gamers.

How Are Gaming Bean Bag Chairs Different?

Very innovatively, gaming bean bags combine both comfort and ergonomics to ensure the players sit comfortably when gaming for several hours. In contrast to more traditional gaming chairs, bean bags are made up of polystyrene or foam beads instead of the usual fabric used to make conventional office chairs.

As such, the gamer can have relief from back pain, a problem that arises from sitting for hours.

What Are the Benefits to Having a Bean Bag Gaming Chair?

Lots of options – A bean bag can come in many sizes to fit the user as well as having different colours to suit a room’s décor. On top of this they can come in easy to clean leather covers, or covers that can easily be removed and washed.

Feel good about yourself – It may seem surprising, but staying comfortable and ensuring you look after yourself means you generally feel a lot better about yourself. For example, if you go and get a beauty treatment (find out more) you will almost instantly feel better about yourself.

The same thing very much applies with gaming beanbags and console gaming chairs. By maintaining a good level of self-care, you will find that you generally feel a lot better about yourself once you get up, with no aches and pains and no back pain

Multipurpose – Investing in an ergonomic chair for console gaming is great for gaming, no question, but it can also be a great choice for other areas of your life. Whether you need to work from home or want to watch a movie at your desk, an ergonomic chair can make many experiences more comfortable and enjoyable.

Improve your game play – Studies have shown that ergonomic seating can boost productivity and improve focus. It is certainly possible that the right seat could do the same for you and your in-game performance.

Cost – For many gaming chairs prices can go up to and beyond £100, whereas the bean bag alternative can be found for as low as £30.

Stand taller and feel more confident – Once you start using an ergonomic chair regularly you may see an improvement in your posture when you stand. Sitting in an ergonomic chair can help train your neck, back and shoulders to stand straight, reducing the urge to slouch.

Due to there being no rigid curve in the bean bag design, the occupant is less tempted to slouch. Walking taller can perform wonders for your confidence and help you to appear taller and more outgoing. 

Improved support – For people that already have back issues such as scoliosis, a bean bag chair is a much more comfortable option. The chair distributes body weight evenly across both of the sides, reducing the pressure points in the back. On top of this the bean bag conforms to support the entire spine as well as the neck.

Better gaming experience – An ergonomic chair will not just protect your back and neck, it will make your gaming experience better. Being more comfortable and relaxed is a big plus when it comes to gaming. Gaming is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, but if you are constantly having to adjust your position or you’re feeling discomfort in your back, that will not make for an enjoyable experience. An ergonomic chair can allow you to game in comfort and focus on what is important – your game.

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