Use negative Comments to Enhance Positive Brand Image

February 22, 2022

You’ve received the negative YouTube comment on your video, and you’re worried that it could lead to trouble. What now?

Due to the nature of public postings of comments, Numerous brands are worried about bad reviews. Many make it a point to avoid getting these. Others argue with customers and do not bother to rectify their mistakes.

We know that negative comments can deter potential customers from forming a relationship with you, mainly if it’s managed to draw an excessive amount of attention. But that’s not an end-all-be-all. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most valuable comments marketing techniques that can assist you in building your brand’s positive image while addressing negative feedback.

1. Make sure you keep track of your Online Reputation

If you are looking to transform negative comments into positive media, you must be at the forefront of the game. You need to keep track of your online reputation continuously. Be aware of when and on which post a YouTube user left negative feedback. Set up Google Alert notifications when someone mentions your company’s name online. Monitoring tools like Hootsuite permit you to look for negative reviews across many platforms and YouTube, making it simpler to monitor when a review occurs.

2. Express Empathy

It’s natural to believe that any criticism you receive is unjust. Sometimes, it could appear like an attack on your personal life. Try not to allow your emotions to get to the forefront and look at things from another’s perspective. If a YouTube subscriber to your channel has left harsh feedback, it’s likely due to something that has upset them extremely. Accepting their suffering and responding with compassion is the most appropriate way of the hour to handle the issue delicately.

3. Don’t delete negative comments

When a disgruntled client writes a negative comment on your post, the first reaction could be to erase the comment. Nobody will notice, and you’ve succeeded in wiping the slate clean, you believe. However, we advise you not to make that mistake again. If you do that, your customers are likely to take note of it and might end up expressing their anger more ferociously across your other social media channels as well. In addition, they could inform their acquaintances about their bad experiences with your company and even discourage other customers from visiting your site.

4. Be aware that you can’t please everyone.

A minor disadvantage that comes with being a popular content creator with a following on YouTube is that different viewers have different expectations of your expectations. Since you’re constantly in the spotlight, someone will inevitably be disappointed regardless of how well your operation goes. Take comfort in the fact that you aren’t able to be perfect for everyone at all times. The likes, as well as the dislikes opinions about YouTube views, are all subjective. Take every single thing with a pinch of salt. To balance the likes and dislikes ratio, you can buy YouTube likes.

5. Concentrate on your Goals

It’s not difficult to get lost amid critique and then begin doubting yourself. But, persevere through these obstacles and never lose sight of the goals you set for yourself. What’s your YouTube channel’s purpose? If it’s advertising your accounting services or sharing cooking recipes, it’s crucial to concentrate on the goal you want to accomplish. Single negative feedback will not cause you to spiral into chaos and change your plans. The real YouTube subscribers will remain with you through thin and thick if you stay true to your principles and provide them with the best experience.

6. Reply to Time

Generation Y is technologically savvy. They want a quick reply to their complaint or feedback in some time, even if it’s not in real-time. It is crucial not to let a negative review go without being addressed for days before you address it. It communicates that you’re either not concerned or not your top priority to respond to your clients. The timing of your response is vital. The faster you respond to your critics, the easier the conversation is. It helps the critic cool down when they realize you are paying interest and willing to hear their thoughts.

7. Make sure you correct your mistakes

The most unprofessional way to possibly handle an issue is to blame the client instead. It is essential not to overreact. Instead, step back and discover what the main problem is. If you’ve made an error made by you and you cannot accept the full responsibility. For instance, perhaps your equipment for video recording was not set up correctly, which led to an issue with the recording. If most people aren’t satisfied with the work you’ve created, it’s time to correct the problems. In doing this, you can give potential customers a reason to offer you a new opportunity.

8. Turn Negative Feedback into Insightful Tutorials

Negative feedback may be the customer’s error. In particular, they may not be able to use your software correctly. If you find yourself in the situation, assist your customers in correcting their mistakes by including instructional YouTube videos. Create and post videos of instructional content to help educate your customers and stop any misinterpretations that may arise at some point in the near future. Another benefit of regularly posting videos to the YouTube channels is that YouTube’s algorithm recognizes the content and awards you with more views. It automatically recommends the next movie to viewers, which increases YouTube views and the number of views and subscribers.

9. Be Prepared to Deal with Trolls

Trolls are people who seek to create problems simply because they can. However, the internet and a smartphone at your fingertips are all you need to unleash rage on the internet. Interacting with them may increase their power and even increase the infamous behaviour. So, what is to be done? If you know that their sole purpose is to drag you down, choose the safe route and decide not to bother their comments. Sometimes, you can use an incorrect comment to get your message across using facts to let your audience discern the truth.

10. Offer a Fair and Honest Solution to the Public

Since the criticism and negative comments were shared in a public place, it is best to address the issue publicly. If you present an answer that the public can comprehend, it builds an image for your company that you are playing with integrity. They’ll be able to see each side of your story and will not be frustrated by your company.

11. Reviewers who faked reviews are removed

Rivals could be sneaky or post fraudulent reviews about your site via anonymous accounts. If you are aware that they are false, inaccurate, or written with the intent to defame you, think about getting them removed. Find out more on YouTube’s terms and conditions to submit a review and maintain your YouTube account as positive.

12. For Customers to Update their reviews

If you’ve succeeded in resolving a grievance from the customer at their pleasure, you can ask that they update their reviews. You can also request that they review the original thread about how you dealt with the problem professionally and managed to give the correct solution. This helps you stand out in the eye of your customers as they see your company’s ability to respect your customers.

13. Respect others.

If you are handling negative feedback on your own or employ staff who manage it for you, it’s crucial to be respectful of your customers. Do not be afraid to apologize when a customer has experienced a negative experience. Don’t add insult to the issue by being rude or dismissive. Even if the person appears arrogant, be polite, respectful, and calm to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

14. Locate the Silver Lining

If it weren’t for the negative review, you’d never have any idea of areas where you can enhance. A world devoid of healthy critique would be devoid of any interaction and would make it difficult for brands to comprehend the needs of their customers. It might seem odd to be grateful for a negative review. However, consider it as a chance to correct the issue. This is a positive signal that will allow you to take your company to the next stage.

Closing Thoughts

You will observe that negative feedback doesn’t need to be a catastrophe for your company. Suppose you know how you can utilize negative comments for your benefit by using them as positive publicity. Be sure to be courteous to your clients and address their complaints promptly. There isn’t single negative feedback that could damage your reputation. All it boils down to is the level of respect they feel and how quickly you react to them. While you’re at it, take advantage of negative reviews to find the shortcomings in your company. Do your best to fix them, so you stand a chance to get your customers back from their disgruntled clients or viewers.

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